Life Coach Certification Program

Life Coach Certification

Life Coach Certification offers powerful tools, comprehensive training, affordable fees, and a personal and caring approach. Book a Free Consultation

What does our Life Coach Certification Program cover?

The comprehensive coaching tools you will be certified in have been successful since 1984.  

Our Step-By-Step Coaching Method Teaches:

  • Use effective and transformational tools for coaching individuals and groups
  • Learn the essential skills every professional coach uses
  • Learn additional skills for providing relationship, health, career, purpose and life balance coaching
  • Use powerful techniques to overcome blocks and obstacles to success
  • Assist the client in breaking chronic habits and patterns
  • Discover your client’s true motivations for making a permanent change
  • Take the client through a Self-Discovery Process to clarify their purpose and direction in life
  • Learn how to help your clients redesign their life, career and lifestyle
  • Utilize techniques to help your clients live a happy and fulfilled life
  • Facilitate over 100 proven techniques that get results
  • Help your client move through major life transitions
  • Apply the tools to individual sessions, groups and workshops
  • Empower people to create a life they love!

How Long Does the Life Coach Certification Take?

We offer 3 and 6-month Life Coach Certification Programs in both day and evening time-frames, as well as 5-day intensives with four 2-hour follow up classes. Life Coach Certification requirements include coaching practice clients, peer coaching, taking two exams and meeting with your instructor to review certification documents.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining our Life Coach Certification?

  • You're trained to use over 100 tools to help people make progress in all areas of life
  • You’ll receive a complete toolkit for starting and succeeding in your own business
  • Use your natural gifts of helping others and make a great living doing it
  • You obtain a high level of skill and competence in providing coaching 
  • Clients seek out coaches that are well trained and certified
  • By learning our coaching methods you'll consistently get positive results with clients
  • You receive the training hours necessary to obtain an ICF Credential
  • You become a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C.)

What is the Current Outlook for the Coaching Profession?

Based on the ICF Global Study 2023 (5), the coaching profession increased by 54% to 109,200 coaches from 2019-2022. Over 90% of these coaches have active clients. The average annual revenue/income from coaching increased by 60% since 2019 reaching $4.564 billion USD. The average fee for a one-hour coaching session increased by 9% from 2019 and now averages $244 USD per hour.

The coaching profession continues to grow and evolve, with a positive outlook for the future.

The coaching industry is becoming more professionalized, with an increased focus on certification, standards, and regulation. This helps establish credibility and quality assurance within the profession. Organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) have developed competency frameworks, ethical guidelines, and certification programs to promote professionalism and ensure a high standard of coaching practice.

The demand for professional coaches has been increasing steadily over the years, driven by various factors such as personal development trends, the desire for work-life balance, and the need for guidance and support in achieving goals.

Life Purpose Institute’s alumni have year by year earned increased their income. Alumni achieve greater success in the field because of their extensive training, the effective tools and techniques they use, and the marketing support they receive during and after the training.


How do I get Started with My Certification?

Review our schedule to pick a date and time that works best for you. Evening and day classes are available. Register for one of our Free Classes or book a Free Consultation to speak with one of our Program Specialists.  

With only 10 people in our online 3 or 6-month class or 12 for the 5-day intensive class, space is limited. Classes sell out quickly so reserve your spot to be able to attend.

What Marketing Support Will I Receive?

Receive FREE marketing support during and after your training.
This includes:

  • Identify your natural marketing style, niche and target market
  • Individual meetings with your instructor to get feedback on your marketing plan and materials
  • Over 200 pages of marketing samples
  • Speeches and workshops that fill your practice
  • Call or e-mail with questions or receive advice on your marketing approach at any time
  • Free classes on marketing for your professional development
  • Participate in a private Alumni Community where people network and get support
Life Coach Certification

Life Purpose Institute believes that marketing needs to feel authentic to each person and to tap into their natural way of connecting with others. Some people are always meeting new people and they offer a free complimentary session. Other people love giving speeches or engaging in social media or writing articles or blog posts. Another common way coaches’ market themselves is through networking and referral sources. Your instructor will help you pick those strategies most natural and doable for you and will get results given the amount of time you have and your timeline for transitioning part-time or full-time as a coach.

Life Purpose Institute also believes it’s important for each student to determine their unique purpose and mission. Students go through their own Self-Discovery Process to help them clarify their own purpose and mission. Time individually and in the group is spent helping each student craft a powerful and catchy elevator speech and describe their unique purpose and marketing message.

Life Purpose Institute realizes students sometimes need a lot of support in starting their private practice and in building a successful business. That’s why you not only get support during the class but meet with your instructor for several hours outside the class to strategize, fine-tune copy, and review marketing materials. After your class, there is also free support if you are not achieving the results you’d like to achieve through your marketing efforts. The staff at Life Purpose Institute are available to you to ensure your success as a coach.

Life Purpose Institute sees this work as fulfilling its mission and helping people achieve theirs. Your becoming successful is part of that mission so that you can make the impact you want to make on the world while earning a great living doing it.


What are 12 Ways Our Life Coach Certification Program is Unique?

  1. Small Life Coach Certification classes (10 students each)
  2. Personal attention and support each step of the way
  3. Extensive practice and instructor feedback
  4. Google reviews from our students are consistently a 5 out of 5 (excellent!) 
  5. Tools to prepare you to coach around all the areas of life
  6. Profound and life-changing processes
  7. Transforms lives and creates permanent change
  8. User-friendly 650-page manual with forms, worksheets, and templates
  9. Receive ongoing free support with marketing during and after your training
  10. ICF-Accredited Life Coach Certification
  11. Supportive Alumni Community
  12. Commitment to each person’s success as a coach

What Approach Do We Take to Life Coaching?

Our approach is wholistic in that we work with people in many areas of their lives and are always looking at the whole person and helping them move forward.

Our approach is based on the work of Fern Gorin. Fern was a counselor and psychotherapist as well as a coach.  She had a successful coaching practice for 18 years where she experimented with the tools and techniques that are part of the training now. Fern created unique approaches and was able to integrate principles from psychology, Life Coaching, career counseling, neuroscience, NLP, and the field of personal growth.

Over the years, Life Purpose Institute has also added tools from teachers and students.  All the tools have a proven track record now for producing results and transformational change.

The goal in having so many tools was to:

  • Go beyond just basic training
  • Prepare people to coach with clients around multiple issues
  • Add hand-outs and processes to the coaching process to make it more enjoyable and create even greater life changes
  • Support coaches in developing a higher level of expertise to be able to effectively help their clients

The class includes our comprehensive manual with over 650 pages of information and tools.  The program is often called a “business in a box” because not only do you receive powerful tools to work with, you receive all the forms and templates you will need as a coach as well as information and one-on-one personal support with your marketing strategy and business success.

What is the “Personal Approach” to Life Coach Training Life Purpose Institute provides?

You’ll experience a personal approach in speaking with one of our Program Specialists and in receiving great customer service from all of our staff. You’ll receive personal attention and support from your instructor in our 10-person classes.

You’ll receive regular feedback from an instructor ( not just your peers). This feedback ensures you continue to improve and leave the training feeling competent and skilled to become a Life Coach

Your instructor will meet with you for several hours to go over your marketing plan and materials. Try out our plan and if you need more support it’s FREE. An expert will meet with you privately to advise you and guide you forward to a successful practice.

You will feel cared for an supported each step of the way. Life Purpose Institute is here on a mission to support you and empower you to touch lives and make a positive impact on the world.


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