Spiritual Coach Certification Program

Spiritual Coach Certification


What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Spiritual Coach Certification?

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      • You become a Certified Spiritual Coach (C.S.C.)
      • You’ll receive a complete toolkit for starting and succeeding in your own business
      • Use your natural gift of helping others and make a great living doing it
      • You obtain a high level of skill and competence in providing coaching
      • Clients seek out coaches that are well trained and certified
      • You’re trained to use over 100 tools to help people make progress in all areas of life
      • By learning our coaching method you’ll be able to consistently get positive results with clients
      • You can obtain the training hours you need to obtain an ICF Credential
      • Get certified as a Life Coach (C.L.C.) and as a Spiritual Coach (C.S.C.) 

What are the Coaching Tools I Will Learn?

The coaching tools you will be certified in have been successfully used with over one million people worldwide since 1984.

Our Step-By-Step Coaching Method Teaches You to: 

      • Coach people to explore and deepen their spiritually 
      • Coach people in time of crisis, change and transition  
      • Facilitate healing and transformation with 50 different life or spiritual issues 
      • Facilitate the Spiritual Mastery Process™ to tap into the client’s innermost spiritual resources  
      • Learn essential Life and Spiritual Coaching skills every professional coach uses
      • Assist your client to overcome their blocks, fears, and insecurities 
      • Help people integrate their spirituality into daily life 
      • Use techniques to breakthrough fear, doubt, insecurities and repeating patterns 
      • Resolve relationship conflicts on a soul level
      • Experience mindfulness and awakening to higher consciousness 
      • Help your client tap into and develop their intuition 
      • Apply the tools to individual sessions and group workshops 
      • Put spirituality to work in an extraordinary way 

ICF Life Coach CertificationWhat Marketing Support Will I Receive?

Receive free marketing support during and after your training. This includes:

      • Establishing a spiritually conscious business in a relatively short time 
      • Learning to market in a way that comes from the heart, touches and inspires people 
      • How to present spiritual topics in a way that is catchy and marketable 
      • Spiritual groups, speeches and workshops you can offer 
      • Individual meetings with your instructor to get feedback on your marketing plan and materials
      • Free classes on marketing for your professional development.
      • Participate in a private Alumni Community where people network and get support

How Long Does the Spiritual Coach Certification Take?

We offer 3 and 6-month Spiritual Coach Certification Programs in both day and evening time-frames, as well as 5-day intensives with four 2-hour follow up classes. Spiritual Coach Certification requirements include coaching practice clients, peer coaching, taking two exams and meeting with your instructor to review certification documents.

12 Ways Life Purpose Institute is Different from other Spiritual Coaching schools? 

      • Small Spiritual Coach Certification classes (10 students)
      • Personal attention and support each step of the way
      • Extensive practice and expert feedback
      • Google reviews from our students are consistently a 5 out of 5 (excellent!)
      • Tools to prepare you to coach around all areas of life
      • Profound and life-changing processes
      • Transform lives and create permanent change
      • User friendly 650-page manual with forms, worksheets and templates
      • Receive ongoing support with marketing during and after your training
      • ICF Accredited Spiritual Coach Certification
      • Supportive Alumni Community
      • Commitment to each student’s success as a coach

How do I get started with My Certification?

Pick a time that works best for your schedule and book a Free Consultation, register for a class or call the Institute and speak with one of our Program Specialists.

With only 10 people in our online 3 or 6-month class or 12 for the 5-day class, space is limited. Classes sell out quickly so reserve your spot to be able to attend.


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