June 8

3 Hidden Benefits to Owning Your Own Coaching Practice

There are some obvious benefits people are seeking from transitioning into owning their own coaching practice – the honor of serving others, the flexibility of creating your own schedule, no one putting a limit on your earning potential, etc. But there are many other benefits to becoming a Certified Life Coach and owning your own coaching business. Below are 3 benefits of owning your own coaching practice most people aren’t aware of until they’ve taken the leap.

1. The Greatest Opportunity for Growth

Those who are called to become coaches are devoted to a life of growth. They have a strong pull to continuously strive for more and want to help others do the same.

Unlike other careers where you can learn all there is to learn about the position, coaching is ever-evolving and no client circumstance will ever be the same. This means continuous and constant growth. You will always be learning from your peers, your clients, and your own successes and missteps.

Not only will you be growing as a coach, but running your own business means wearing many hats and learning and growing in a variety of areas. Stepping out of your comfort zone to try new things, speak with new people and carve your own path.

2. An Abundance of Connections and Support

Heading into the coaching profession, you know that you will be building relationships with clients, but once you own your own practice, you’ll be surprised at the amount of connections, relationships, and support you find yourself surrounded by.

As you’re building your client base, you will start to recognize the value of connections. Former clients will refer you, someone you spoke with a year ago will circle back around and be ready to work with you, a person you went to school with will send a friend your way, etc. Our mind opens to the abundance of connections in our lives and the opportunities to serve that those connections can provide.

Not only will you be building connections with potential, current, and past clients, but Life Purpose Institute values the community of support we create far beyond the training programs.

The majority of our graduates stay in touch with their peers, some even meeting weekly or more often! We offer a Facebook Group for Alumni to ask questions, help make connections, share wisdom, and be in community with one another. The relationships you build with LPI will be instrumental in the growth and evolution of your business.

Outside of clients, referrals, and your LPI peers, being a business owner means getting involved in your community, causes you care about, and other personal development organizations including the International Coaches Federation (ICF). In your venture of owning your own coaching practice, you will find yourself with more connections and relationships than you ever have!

3. Recognition of Possibility

We hear a lot of coaches say, “I just can’t believe this is what I get to do for a living.” Coaches have a passion for serving others. It feels natural, inspiring and energizing. Many coaches who come from a job that felt misaligned with who they were feel at awe of the possibility of having a flexible schedule they determine, making a great living and doing what they love.

Our society has shaped us to believe work has to be a grind, but stepping into your purpose as a life coach will help you break away from old narratives and open your eyes to all the possibilities available to you.

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