June 15

Why Should You Get a Life Coach Certification?

Yes anyone can hang a shingle and become a life coach. Some of you have a lot of great life and work experiences and have always helped others so what’s the fuss about life coach certifications? Here are 5 things that motivate people to become a certified life coach.

The confidence and skills you’ll obtain during Life Coach Training

Yes, you may have some natural skills that you bring to your work. However, when you coach people and deal with a vast variety of issues they bring to the table you need a high level of skill. You’ll also be able to come across better, convey your expertise, and exude more confidence. Clients sense when they’re with a true professional and with a novice. Being a true professional results in more clients and longer relationships.

Preparation for your future in the coaching profession

While there are no state or federal regulations that pertain to coaching now it is anticipated it will be. Every profession that has significantly affected other people’s lives has become regulated. When regulation of the industry does occur the International Coaching Federation (I.C.F.) would most probably the regulating body. The I.C.F. is the most powerful and active coaching association in the world so as such the International Coaching Federation would most probably become the regulating body. There’s a trend now in corporations and health care organizations to only hire I.C.F.-certified coaches. That trend will only grow. Attending an I.C.F. accredited school might be important for your future.


Obtaining a certification brings you greater credibility in your work. Clients like to know they are with a skilled professional who has training and experience. There’s something about initials after your name that evokes greater trust from your clients. You’ll feel more highly credible too which will affect your self confidence and how you come across.

Evolving as a professional and a person

People from so many fields now are moving into coaching either to enter a new professional or to add skill sets to their exiting job or services. People that are in counseling, human resources, health care, management, teachers, nurses are incorporating coaching into their work. Coaching is proving effective to keep the client or employee motivated and on track, feel heard or understood, make progress with life and work goals, and create more fulfillment, accomplishment, and a state of well being for the client or employee as well as the coach themselves. We hear constantly from those who attend the training to become coaches that the training was worthwhile just for the personal growth they experienced let alone for the skills they received during the training.

Obtaining new tools

One of things we at the Life Purpose Institute are known for are our tools. When you’re working clients there’s always a myriad of things they work on- a relationship challenge at home or work, obtaining better Life balance, wanting to do more satisfying work, improving their health , moving through a difficult life transition, etc. For all these topics and more you need to be well equipped. Getting an arsenal of tolls helps you prepare yourself for any situation and helps the session be much more effective.

In summary, by obtaining your Life Coach Certification will help you feel more confident and develop more skills, be better prepared for your future as a coach, give you greater credibility, evolve you as a professional and a person, give you new tools to work. There’s yet another reason: Getting certified is a fun and enjoyable process. Yes, you can enjoy your journey along the way.


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