August 24

3 Questions to Ask when Picking a Life Coaching School

  1. Will I get the support I need?
  2. Will I get the training I need?
  3. Will I get the certifications and credentials I need?

  1. Will you get the support you need?

Before, during and after your training program you may need more support than you think you do. Here are the types of support you need.

  • Is someone available to answer all your questions in a prompt and thorough manner when you start your Life Coach Training Program? It’s important you start a program feeling fully supported by the staff and faculty.
  • Will you receive all the detailed information you need upfront to get started?  Are there any hidden fees or confusing information you need to decipher? Being clear from the get go will help your training go much more smoothly.
  • Is an instructor available to answer your questions, observe you and give you feedback? In some schools the teachers are not readily available to answer all your questions.  Observation and feedback may happen rarely or not at all. In order to become proficient in coaching, you must be able to practice and get feedback.  That’s the only way you’re going to improve your skills.  Listening to recordings or only getting feedback once or twice is not going to help you become the capable Life Coach you need to be. If you receive sufficient practice and feedback you will become more skillful, effective and confident. The end result is that you’ll be able to charge a higher hourly fee for your service and operate from integrity.
  • Is the school available to help you resolve any concerns or complaints?  You will be able to tell by now if the schools will be there every step of the way by how fast they get back to you and the quality of customer service they provide.
  • Does the school provide support with marketing during your training program other than giving you basic information?  Some schools provide you with one-on-one time to help you determine your marketing strategy and review your website and marketing materials while others do not. Getting feedback before you launch your practice will help set you up for success as a coach. In order to thrive in this industry, most people need to receive individual feedback on their marketing approach and materials as well as participating in a quality training program.
  • Is there support afterwards with marketing and difficult clients?  There are things that come up that you need to discuss with someone such as a difficult client, a client that is having psychological problems you don’t know how to address (Note: Coaches refer out to therapists but there are still situations that come up that are delicate to handle), or clients dropping out of coaching you want to persuade to stay in coaching to name just a few situations. When people start a practice, they go out and try things. Some things will work and sometimes they don’t. Is someone available from the school to give you feedback on your marketing and why it didn’t work and give you suggestions? Feeling supported after your training program is so helpful if you want to build a thriving practice.

The level of support the school provides should be a big factor in you picking the appropriate school.

  1. Will you get the training you need?

What do you really want to do in your coaching practice?  Is there a topic you like to talk to people about?  Is there something you feel like you are an expert in now?  Make sure the school you pick has the content, the specialty, the focus you want.  Here is an example of someone picking the wrong specialty.  Many people get a health coach certification when really what they want is to help people in all areas of life and health is only one small part of what they want to get certified in. Many people attend an executive coaching program and later decide that life coaching was really the direction they wanted to go into.

Make sure the program you choose has the content you’d like it to be trained on. Many schools are secretive about their curriculum and all its contents. Ask for a syllabus and examples of how a particular topic you are interested in will be covered.

  1. Will you get the certification and credentials you need?

While currently you don’t need either a certification or credential to get started, it will ensure you have the skills, training and status you need to get hired by clients or customers (may be a corporation or employees). Potential clients like to see some sort of certification or credential to confirm that you know what you are doing.  Corporations, healthcare and insurance companies, government and social service now hire numerous coaches for contract or employment only if they have a certification and ICF credential. The ICF is an organization that sets industry standards and is the largest Coaching Organization in the world. They are the industry leader in establishing guidelines and setting the bar high. Make sure you attend a school that has either 60 or 125 hours of training that are live with an instructor that qualify for an ICF credential. To check if your school can get you an ICF credential, read through the ICF website and look at the school finder for your school.  If you are not sure call the ICF and ask your questions.

Overall, you will want to look for a live training with regular expert feedback that you can get an ICF credential from as those schools provide the highest quality programs. If you’re going to invest the money and time into a Life Coaching School, you might as well pick a school that gives you support and provides the content, certification and credentials you need. A well trained and supported Life Coach can create enormous positive impact on their clients and customers as well achieve great financial rewards and emotional rewards as well.


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