October 22

4 Coaching Business Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them


If you are starting out in your life or spiritual coaching career, there is one thing that you won’t be able to avoid: roadblocks. The vast majority of new coaches will face a variety of challenges related to starting and running a business or handling certain client situations. As a new coach, this may make you feel unsure of yourself or even hesitant to get started. 

But don’t let these roadblocks deter you! Take solace in knowing that roadblocks are all an important and necessary part of the process of building a successful coaching practice. Remember, even the greats had to start somewhere. 

To help you navigate these challenges, read on to learn about 4 of the most common roadblocks that new life and spiritual coaches face and how you can overcome them. 

4 Common Roadblocks for New Life and Spiritual Coaches 

Lack of Clarity About Your Business 

When you are first starting out, you might be ready to hit the ground running, but do you know where you are running to? Many coaches find themselves educated and ready to start working with clients, but they haven’t put much thought into who they want to serve and how they want to serve them. 

Being un-focused when you are just starting out is a very common roadblock for new coaches. Put yourself in the best position for success by getting clear on your niche, or who you want to serve. Understand your target market and what they want. Take time to think about how you will serve them and if those methods will benefit both you and the client. 

By doing some work upfront, you can create the kind of business and experience you want for yourself. And ultimately, this will be of benefit to the people you coach. 

The Need to Know It All 

Imposter syndrome is real. In fact, many professionals, including life and spiritual coaches, suffer from feeling like a fraud or an imposter in their field from time to time. Remember that feeling this way is natural, but that it does not have to impede on your ability to be an effective coach for your clients.

You do not have to be the perfect life to be effective. You just have to be authentic, open, willing to learn and able to be a resource for your clients. By giving yourself permission to continue to be a student, you can free yourself up to learn and grow as a coach. 

Undervaluing Your Services 

Many new coaches charge very little for their services in the beginning. They don’t think they’ve earned the higher price tags yet, and wonder if anyone would even pay them what they’d like to charge for a session or package. Sure, you might not be able to charge thousands of dollars for your coaching sessions from the start, but don’t undervalue your time and expertise. 

Something of value should cost something. Consider what undercharging for your services could be telling your potential clients. Not charging enough could indicate that the value is low. Also, think about the sustainability of your business. How much do you need to make to keep the business operating, from marketing to professional development? Be sure to factor in these operational costs when deciding what to charge for your coaching services

Treating Your Business Like a Side Gig 

For some, coaching might actually be a part time job. This does not mean that it has to be treated that way. Coaches who struggle in the beginning often do so because they haven’t started taking the business (and themselves) seriously yet.

Even if coaching won’t be your main source of income, you can overcome many of the common roadblocks by treating it like a serious business that requires your time and attention. By doing this from the start, you can build a sustainable coaching practice, with systems that work for you. 

What were some of the roadblocks you encountered when you were starting out in your coaching business? How did you overcome them? Share your advice with others who are just starting out! 

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