December 12

5 Reasons to Become a Spiritual Coach in 2023

1. Helping other is a spiritual calling for you. 

You’ve known for quite awhile you’re supposed to help other people. Your spiritual guidance is telling you this is the work you’re mean to do and yet you’ve been resisting actually doing it.  Let this coming year be the year you finally listen to the call.

2. You are needed right now to bring more light into this world. 

These are challenging times.  People really need what you can provide.  Everyone possible needs to bring more light into the darkness of this world. People are hurting, struggling and trying to move forward in their lives. A spiritual coach not only help people move forward in all areas of their life but helps client apply and deepen their spirituality, tap into their spiritual guidance, and bring healing to even the most challenging situations.

3. By becoming a Spiritual Coach you learn tools to serve others in the highest way possible.

You definitely help people now.  With good training you’re able to do much more.  You can coach  clients to:

    • Integrate their spirituality into daily life
    • Work through their blocks, insecurities, and repeating patterns
    • Strengthen their faith and deepen their spiritual connection
    • Develop a spiritual practice
    • Reassess their spirituality and become aware of their beliefs, values and practice they want to put in place
    • Bring healing to difficult relationship issues
    • Develop their intuition and much more

4. It’s time for you to get paid for your services

People come to you anyway for your support and counsel. Why not get paid for it now?  It used to be that there was a line between  giving spiritual assistance  and  making money from it. People used to not charge for spiritual services. That line is no longer the case.  From my experience in offering spiritual coaching now for almost 40 years, when people pay you they will appreciate your service more and get more value from it. If you are providing a truly professional service and have been well trained people expect to pay for services.

5. Spiritual Coaching is Booming right now

There are more coaches receiving more money in their work than ever before in history.  Coaching is recognized as a professional career now. When I started in 1984 that was not the case.  It’s a great time to get into coaching. People seek out a coach now because of the great results people get and their desire to grow and improve their lives.  It’s possible now for you to earn well over 6 figures and to transition into a brand new career.  Not only that but this work is extremely fulfilling for those providing coaching.  You see positive results and end each day knowing you’ve made the world a better place. Lives are changed because of the service you provide.

What are you waiting for then? You’ve known your spiritual calling is to help other people. You very much needed to bring more light into the world. By getting trained you will be able to  help others in the highest way possible. You are overdue in getting paid for your support and counsel. You might as well get paid for it.  You’re entering the field at a good time when you can generate a great living doing it.  Why not then, become a Spiritual Coach in 2023.

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