January 28

5 Ways to Build Your Email List for Your Coaching Business


If you are operating a business online, one of the most valuable resources you have is your email list. Your email list represents a database of individuals who are interested in you, your business and what you have to offer. They have expressed interest in using your resources (free or paid), or possibly want to take the leap into becoming a client of your coaching practice. 

In marketing terms, these contacts are “warm.” This means that they have already been introduced to you and are aware of your services. The time and education it takes to convert them into paying customers may be more manageable, but it does not mean it is any less important. 

If you are trying to grow your business, one of the most important things you can do is focus on your email list. By continuing to build your list, and nurturing the contacts already on your list, you can communicate to the right people and convert them into paying, long-term clients. 

Read on to learn 5 effective ways to build your email list and scale your coaching business this year. 

5 Ways To Grow Your Email List 

Make a plan. 

When you embark on any marketing strategy, it is best to begin with a clear plan of action. Why? By considering your marketing goals and strategies beforehand, you can save yourself some serious time and money. 

Plus, a plan will help to hold you accountable to the actions you have committed to take and allow you to gauge the effectiveness of various list-building strategies. Think about the goals you want to accomplish in your business. Is there a target salary you would like to make? Is there a certain number of clients you would like to serve in a year? Once you decide on your ultimate goal, you can begin to craft the strategies that will help you get there. 

Host a webinar or training. 

A great way to showcase your talents and show potential clients what you can offer is to host a training, webinar or other online class. There are a variety of ways you can set this up. Pre-recorded video is a great option since you can film it once and use it over and over again. Live sessions are a great way to build trust and introduce yourself to possible clients from around the world. Plus, you never have to leave the comfort of your home! 

Offer a free resource. 

When potential clients want to get to know you, they use your website content and consultation to get an idea of what it would be like to work with you. Free resources are a low barrier way for people to test out your skills, understand your process and get a glimpse at the results that they can expect to achieve. 

Consider creating a few resources that address some of the key pain points for your clients. Ask yourself what your ideal clients struggles with most. What are their goals and passions? From here, you can create free resources to address those needs. 

Create a contest. 

Social media has provided a perfect avenue for having some fun while building your list. Get creative and think of some ways you can increase engagement on your website or social media platforms through some type of game, contest or interactive challenge. Not only will this engage your current “warm” leads, it will bring in new potential clients, too. In order to take advantage of this tactic, be sure that participants are required to give you their email address first. 

Join the right groups. 

LinkedIn, Facebook and other networking platforms offer plentiful opportunities to engage with others in your field or those looking for your exact services… if you do the work. Instead of being inactive in your social media accounts and online groups, make your voice heard. Share blog posts, offer free resources, invite them to your webinars or Zoom trainings. By taking advantage of these online forums, you can begin to demonstrate your value and grow your email list. 

While your email list is only one aspect of your overall marketing campaign, it is a vital one. By using some of the tips above, you can start to maximize your email list and grow the business of your dreams. 


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