April 4

Becoming a Life Coach Can Change Your Life

You’ve been considering becoming a life coach, but why? There many reasons to start a career as a life coach, here are just a few.

Meaning and fulfillment

Many people who experience a void in their life-they are craving meaning and purpose. They know there is something more-they have gifts and talents that are being underutilized but not sure how best to express them.  Once many people start doing Life Coaching and serving others they finally feel a true sense of peace of fulfillment That void is gone.

Serving others in this way has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

This makes a big difference in everyday life.  I remember when I was seeking my true purpose and how I felt something gnawing at me all day every day.  While I was not horribly unhappy, I knew something was missing.  Serving others in this way has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

You Will Move Forward in Your Own Life

When you speak with clients every day about their goals, challenges, and solutions, you will notice that it inspires you to become even more committed and resourceful in your own life.  You start to question how you live, what you want and what’s in your way.  You move past your own obstacles and move toward your goals.  In order to be in integrity with your work, you start to walk your talk and life in alignment with your highest values and principles.  Your life has greater depth and substance.

You will be going through your own journey of transformation while helping other people go through theirs.


Freedom is a wonderful benefit of being a life coach.  I remember working a 9 to 5 job and knowing I would prefer a different schedule.   Some people love working in the morning and some later in the day.  I know for my lifestyle working out in the morning is essential for my well-being so, I structured my whole schedule around it.  Many people want to be there more for their children, so they structure their whole day around their priority of parenting and being there for their children. Some people like working some days longer and some days shorter. Others want to work only part-time, so they set up the hours they most prefer to work.  It’s wonderful to have FREEDOM.

There’s freedom of schedule but also the freedom to run your own business and your own work in the world.  There’s something so satisfying about having your own business and doing what you want to do as opposed to what your boss wants you to do.


You might ask why fun.  It’s too easy to become caught up with the busyness, the responsibilities of everyday living.  When you’re a Life Coach, you’ll notice you’ll take more time for fun and leisure.  Life balance will become your priority. Beliefs like, “ I’ll have fun after the work is done”  and “I have too much to do so I don’t have time for myself”,  will melt away and be replaced with new beliefs like, “having life balance is a priority”, “ I have time for fun, leisure and to take good care of myself”,” I have a fun and enjoyable life to name a few.” It’s like someone has cast a magic spell on you and you’ve walked into a different life.


Most people crave leaving their mark in the world and making their unique contribution.  In doing this work you will feel you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you have made a positive contribution to others.  You know your legacy will be one of touching other people’s lives.  It’s’ a wonderful feeling to know your life has mattered.

Becoming a Life Coach could change your life.  You will have a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment, move forward in your own life, have more freedom, take more time for fun and enjoyment, and make a lasting contribution to others.  The work of Life Coaching will truly transform other people’s lives as well as your own.

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