May 25

How Do I Get My Life in Balance Once and for All?

First of all, the title implies balance is something you can check off your list like a goal you accomplished. Unfortunately, life balance is a something you must monitor on a daily and weekly basis.

Determine What Balance Means to You

Does it mean some days you are busy and some days you do not do as much? Does it mean you take good care of yourself every day to feel in balance throughout your day? Does it mean your weekends are structured for you to have fun and quality time with your significant other, family, or friends?

Strive For Balance
ONE – Set More Boundaries

Keep in check on what you need to do and what you can say no to or move to a different time. Set boundaries on yourself that you do not work too hard, spend too much time on the Internet, cellphone or TV, or give too much. Sometimes it is a matter of pushing yourself out the door when you are tempted to stay late at work. Sometimes it is about stopping yourself in the midst of a behavior that you know does not serve you. Time is a reality we all need to live within. You can only do what your time and energy will permit.

A boundary is setting a limit on yourself or another person, saying no, and having the discipline to do those things that truly serve you. Where do you need to set a limit, say no, or focus on those things that truly serve you?

Have More Fun

Fun in life will make you more productive in every area of your life. Fun should be a high priority, not at the bottom of your list. If you are not enjoying your life, then what are you doing with your life?

What needs to be adjusted so that you can smile, laugh and enjoy this wonderful life you have?

Three ways to have more fun:

  1. Pick something in your community to attend – a street faire, a museum, a play, a special event
  2. Pick a hobby – any hobby – and spend even 15 minutes a week on it. You will be surprised how much you get out of that short amount of time.
  3. Do something to laugh – Go to a comedy club. Get together with someone who makes you laugh. Listen to comedy online. Laughter is the best medicine!

THREE – Note Where Your Life Is Out Of Balance

Once you’ve noted where your life needs balance, focus on those areas that need your attention

Need to exercise, have downtime, spend more time with people? That means you will need to say no, delegate, re-prioritize or simply let go of certain tasks or events.

In summary, define and visualize what your life balance looks like on a daily and weekly basis, set boundaries, have fun, and focus on the areas that are out of balance and require your attention. By achieving balance, you will enjoy your life further, experience greater peace and be even more productive in the other areas of your life.

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