April 6

5 Steps to Not Get Caught in the Busyness of Life

Do you find yourself too busy all the time? Running as fast as you can to keep up with all of your responsibilities and commitments? Do you feel frustrated, stressed, or tired?

Many people feel they’re on a treadmill and can’t seem to get off. This seems all too common these days with people trying to juggle it all and keep up with the many tasks, projects, and people in their life. The secret is to get off the treadmill! Remember that you are more than that treadmill. You have a soul, a spirit, a unique essence. A saying that I like to remember is, “I’m not just a human being having a spiritual experience. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.”

Well, you may think, “That’s a good concept, but what does that mean in terms of all my responsibilities and commitments?”

Here are 5 practical techniques to deal with life’s demands and not get caught in the busyness of life

  1. Set yourself up to win every day.

    .Develop a practice every morning where you take a few minutes to connect with yourself and your spirit. For those of you who are spiritual people remember your connection with God, spirit, Christ, your higher power or whatever name you use for something greater than yourself. Get yourself into a peaceful and centered space before you start the day. Some people pray, meditate, or put on beautiful music to get into that space.

  2. Pick something that gets you back in that peaceful, centered place throughout the day.

    Is it going outside for a minute, playing some nice music, a Bible verse or positive affirmation. Here are examples of a positive affirmations: I am peaceful, centered and I know all is well. I know and trust everything is working out today. I handle all situations and projects with Grace and ease.

  3. Review your options to become less busy.

    • Reduce the amount of activities you have.
    • Delegate or get support with something.
    • Let go of the tendency to be perfectionist and try to be all thing to all people
    • Set boundaries so that there’s a limit to how much you will do.
    • Accept that it’s busy right now, but make new choices so it will be not be as busy in the future.
    • Forgo extra tasks, responsibilities and your own expectations that aren’t necessary right now. What is your choice now? How do you enjoy life more? Can you reclaim your spirit and have more peace and calm in your life right now?
  4. Have fun and laugh.

    Fun and laughter will get out you off the treadmill and bring a greater lightness and joy to our life. Having fun needs to be a higher priority in your life. Many people put fun low on the priority list after handling their responsibilities. What if you knew if you had fun you would be more productive, and bring a better perspective and outlook to every situation and task in your life? You could have more energy and be more resourceful in dealing with the demands of everyday life. Either that or you can continue being stressed, running as fast as you can, and not necessarily being happy throughout your day. The choice is yours.

  5. Remember what’s worked before.

    What have you done before when you were too busy? Did you learn lessons from the busy times?  Can you do something differently this time? The lessons could be for example, to say no, to let go of pleasing people, to know when good is good enough, and to let go of unnecessary tasks and to dos to name a few.

Applying these 5 tips will help you move outside the busyness of life, and allow you to approach your life in a more peaceful, centered and a more joyful way.

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