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Group Coaching vs. One-on-One Coaching


Why did you decide to build a life coaching business? Was it to have the time and freedom to create the life you want? Was it to help people? Was it to spend your days doing something you absolutely love? More than likely your decision to become a life coach includes all of the above.

But, finding clients can be tough. And finding enough one-on-one clients to give you the time, freedom and money you had hoped for might seem like an impossible task sometimes. In previous posts, we have talked about some ways that both new and seasoned life coaches can scale their businesses to the level of their dreams.

A popular and extremely effective way to grow your life coaching business is by providing group programs. Why? You get to use the knowledge and experience you already have to help more people and make more money–all at one time.

No matter where you are in your life coaching career, chances are you have enough practical experience within your niche to create an amazing, life-changing group program or workshop for your ideal clients.

If you are thinking about offering group coaching, it’s important to understand how group programs are different from your traditional one-on-one coaching format. And there are some pretty big differences that could really throw you for loop if you’re not ready for them! 

Let’s dig deeper into how group coaching differs from one-on-one coaching and learn what one step you can take today to start planning your first group coaching program.

Group Coaching vs. One-on-One Coaching

Group coaching is more structured.

For many coaches, some of the most exciting aspects of working one-on-one with a client is the exchange of energy and the freedom to adjust based on the energy that you are receiving from the client. What that means is that sessions often take shape in different ways than you may have planned. And this is a beautiful part of the work!

Group coaching, on the other hand, is more successful when there is a clear purpose and structure to the program. Each individual in the group will have his or her own ideas and obstacles, and it will be nearly impossible to create a highly individualized experience for each person. However, this does not mean that working with groups takes the coaching out of life coaching. The best group sessions have a clear structure while still leaving space to see what the group needs at that moment.

Group coaching requires some hustle.

This is not to say that one-on-one coaching doesn’t require hustle. But it will require a different kind of hustle because you are going to have to create and deliver a group program. Like we said above, group programs are most successful when there is some amount of structure and clarity to the program. 

Not only will you have to decide the topic you will address and how you will structure your sessions so each participant gets the most out of the program, you also have to make certain commitments such as dates, locations and program length.

Group coaching means recruiting more people.

Although this might seem like a no-brainer, group coaching means that you will have to get more people to enroll. If you are used to word-of-mouth referrals or picking up one-on-one clients here and there, it might seem uncomfortable to market yourself and put yourself out there. To run a successful group program, you will have to utilize your network, email list and other means of reaching your ideal clients to get people into your group coaching program.

How to Start Planning a Group Program Today

If some of this sounds overwhelming to you, don’t be deterred! Your experience working one-on-one with clients and the education that you’ve received through your life coaching training program has given you the tools to create a ridiculously attractive and successful group program.

Think about some of the most common obstacles that your clients face. Is there any topic that you are constantly discussing in one-on-one sessions? Are there exercises that you use that have had great results for your clients? Surely some common themes come to mind. These are great ideas for your first group program! 

Now that you have some ideas for your first group program, the next step is to think about how you will bring this program into the world. This is where the hustle comes in!

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