June 20

How to Build Trust with New Clients


One of the essential components to any relationship is trust. In fact, it is the building block of any successful relationship. No matter if it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship or a professional relationship, trust creates a sense of confidence, ease and safety. It helps to foster an environment of growth that is essential for all parties involved to be satisfied.  

As a life coach, you want to establish trust with clients so they feel comfortable sharing their most personal thoughts, struggles and selves with you. A fruitful coaching relationship is one in which a client feels safe and unafraid of judgment. Without that, you will struggle to do the hard work that it takes to create positive and meaningful changes in a client’s life. 

However, trust is also something that needs to be earned, especially with a new client who may feel very vulnerable in the beginning of the coaching relationship. Clients may feel shame, guilt, embarrassment or any number of emotions when discussing the most intimate details of their relationships, careers and health. A successful coach will take care to understand these vulnerabilities and take measures from the start to build rapport and establish trust. 

So the question becomes: How do you build trust with new life coaching clients? 

One of the first impressions that many new coaching clients have of you as a coach comes from testimonials. Whether they are word of mouth referrals or case studies on your website, testimonials act as social proof that you have achieved success for other clients. These kinds of references will help you schedule an initial consultation and give you the opportunity to further demonstrate to a potential client the kinds of results you can help them achieve. 

After a client signs on for your coaching services, the real work of building trust and rapport begins. Here are three things that can allow you to establish a trusting coaching relationship with a new client right off the bat so you can achieve tremendous success for your clients. 

How to Build Trust with New Coaching Clients 

Let go of your personal judgments. 

As mentioned earlier, a critical piece of building trust is the creation of a judgment free zone. It is vital that a client feels completely at ease being themselves, flaws and all. As a life coach, it is your responsibility to create this kind of environment from the beginning and continue for the duration of your coaching relationship. 

We all have personal fears, experiences or ideas that we bring to every interaction we have with other people. However, if you bring those to your sessions you may risk alienating your client and eliminating the possibility for trust and vulnerability. 

Set clear expectations and stick to them. 

The coach-client relationship works best when both sides have an understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Establishing the terms early and clearly is a key way to build a foundation of trust with a new client. It is also important that coaches hold clients accountable to the guidelines you have set, while also being sure to abide by those guidelines yourself. Doing this will help foster a deeper level of trust between the coach and client. 

Trust in the coaching process. 

Now that you’ve done the work releasing judgments and establishing roles and responsibilities, it’s time to coach to the best of your abilities. Trust yourself and the coaching process. Follow your intuition and have your client’s best interests at heart. In doing this, you will naturally develop the trusting relationship that is the hallmark of successful life coaching.

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