March 19

Is a Coaching Career After Retirement Right For You?


Are you near retirement age? Are you looking forward to sitting back with a daiquiri on a sandy beach? Or, are you wondering what to do with the next chapter in your life? 

For some people, retirement is a time to focus more on family, travel and hobbies. It’s a time to enjoy the freedom of doing what they want unencumbered. But for more and more people, retirement is an opportunity to start a second career doing something they love. Coaching has become a popular endeavor for people who are retiring. They view this transition as a chance to use their experiences and the things they’ve learned in their careers to help other people. 

If you are considering a second career as a life coach after your retirement, you might be wondering if it is the right choice for you. People choose this path after retirement for a variety of reasons. Read on to learn the top reasons why people are choosing to become life coaches after retirement. By reading this article, we hope you are more informed to decide if this is the right choice for you.

Reasons to Become a Life Coach After Retirement 

You might wonder why people choose to coach after retirement as opposed to other fields. The most common reason cited buy those on the journey is the desire to do meaningful work. They have spent their careers doing a job they didn’t necessarily love to provide for their families. Now, they want to take these golden years and make an impact on the lives of others. 

The chance to do work they love. 

These days, there is more of a focus on doing meaningful work and having a job you love than in previous generations. For some people who are near retirement age, work was a way to earn a paycheck and provide for your family. While many people love their jobs, it wasn’t necessarily as important as it is to people entering the workplace today.

Retirees are attracted to coaching because it gives them the chance to do meaningful work that helps them make an impact on the lives of others. Coaching is a unique form of service that allows practitioners to use their unique sets of skills and experiences, as well as their educations, to help people overcome obstacles and lead a joyous life. 

The chance to use their unique skills and experiences. 

People who have worked their entire lives in a career have a skillset that makes them adept at helping others and experiences that helped them relate to a variety of people. They come to the coaching-client relationship with a robust set of personal and professional experiences that give them an insight that many younger coaches cannot provide. They have worked with different kinds of people and have gone through many situations that allow them to provide great value to their coaching clients. 

The chance to have a flexible work schedule. 

One thing that many retirees value is their time. After working their adult lives in a career, they cherish the opportunity to maintain some level of control over their schedules and flexibility in their work. Life coaching allows for that level of flexibility. New coaches can choose who they work with and how often. They can determine how many clients they work with at a time and on what days they schedule them. In this way, life coaching provides them with the flexibility they desire, along with the fulfillment that they desire. 

The chance to get paid for work they love.  

No matter how much you’ve saved for retirement, it’s nice to know you have a steady stream of income in case of an emergency. Coaching after retirement permits people to enjoy financial freedom by doing work that doesn’t feel like work. Of course, coaching is not always easy. You have the responsibility of helping people through difficult challenges in their lives. However, people that come to coaching at a later stage in life tend to view it as a privilege to share their knowledge and experience with others. 

Are you ready to become a coach after retirement? 

Seasoned members of society have so much to offer. Their knowledge, experiences and leadership can be of great value to those seeking coaching. If you are retiring soon and are considering taking a life coaching certification program, know that you have a lot to offer to the field. For those who are seeking the opportunity to do work they love on a flexible schedule, coaching might be the right choice for you. If you want to use your unique knowledge and experience to improve the lives of others, then coaching is most definitely for you.

Life Purpose Institute is one of the leading life coaching certification programs in the country. Call our offices today to learn more about our programs and see how you can get started on your coaching career after retirement. 

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