5 Reasons to Receive Your Life Coaching Certification

When deciding to take the leap into becoming a life coach, some may question if it’s even worth going through the certification process. You do not have to be certified to be a life coach as it is not currently regulated, but there are some important benefits of going through the process. Below are 5 reasons it’s recommended to receive your life coaching certification.

  • Best Serve Your Clients Through Proven Techniques and Processes

ICF accredited programs like Life Purpose Institute are required to structure their programs to incorporate the ICF core competencies which includes the proven techniques and processes for creating change through the coaching process. These competencies ensure a coach is coaching in the most effective way possible and has the ability to coach and perform at a high skill level.

When people decide they want to become a coach, they often aren’t even aware of everything that’s involved in facilitating a coaching session, maintaining a coaching relationship or even the techniques needed to best support their client in making life-changes. Through a certification program, you will learn all that’s needed to be able to best support your client’s growth journey, which is ultimately what we are here to do.

  • Create Credibility, Legitimacy and Distinguish Yourself from Others

Clients want to be reassured that they are working with someone who has the skill set and experience needed to best help them. Most people will expect that you’ve completed a certification program. Nearly all coach practitioners (99%) report that they have completed some coach-specific training which shows how valuable it is to being in the coaching industry. 

Having your certification and/or taking your certification/accreditation to the next level will help separate you from others. There are three different ICF credential paths, as well as other certification opportunities, to separate you from other coaches because of your continued education and efforts.

  • Connections and Support

Starting your own practice can be intimidating. There are many different moving parts most new coaches don’t think about – ethics, contracts, marketing, unusual client scenarios, payments, intro sessions, etc. These different pieces are covered during LPI’s certification program and you will have the support of the LPI community and your peers for anything else that comes up during your time as a life coach and business owner.

  • Regulations May Change 

While it’s not currently required for coaches to have their certification, that doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Especially as a business owner, it’s better to be prepared for what could come!

  • You Can Only Take Your Clients Places You’re Willing to Go

Most students are surprised to find out that LPI’s certification program doesn’t only teach them the tools and techniques needed to best serve their clients and start and grow their business, but it also changes them. During your classes, you will be coached by your peers and instructors and it will provide deep change for you as well. In order to have the ability to help our clients change, grow and evolve, we must be able to as well. That means being open to having others take you where you hope to take your clients.

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