4 Tips for a Productive Day as a Life Coach

  • Connect with Your Purpose

As you complete the day to day tasks of running a coaching business, you may find yourself just going through the motions. Perhaps having a harder time being creative or coming up with different ways of serving and reaching others. On the days you’re feeling stuck, or ideally every day, take some time to return to why you started. What was it that made you want to become a coach? What’s the deeper reason for wanting to serve others in this way?

Tap into this space in whatever way resonates with you – meditation, visualization, journaling, etc. Doing something to reconnect you to the purpose of your work will remove your blocks to creativity, help you feel more motivated and get you in the headspace for an action-driven and productive day.

  • Set Boundaries with Distractions

We all know this one, but what’s getting in the way of us following through? It’s different for everyone – is it your phone, email, TV or maybe a family member that distracts you from doing the work you planned on completing? Sometimes it’s even setting unrealistic expectations with ourselves, like saying we will go the whole day without getting distracted.

Even just planning an hour without your phone, setting a timer, putting it in your desk drawer and following through is better than saying you’re going to go your whole morning without it, giving up and looking at it every time it dings. Taking some time to get clear on what’s actually attainable for you, setting clear boundaries with yourself and creating a plan for following through are all needed steps in being able to stay focused on the tasks you want to.

  • Time Batching

If you have a hard time being able to switch your mind over from all the different tasks required of running a successful coaching business, this one is for you. Time batching is a time management technique that has you group similar tasks into time segments. For example, instead of spending your morning writing a blog, sending a client email, having a coaching session and then posting to social media – you would focus on one area during a period of time you determine.

This could look like spending your entire Monday morning on content creation, your Tuesday morning on admin work, your afternoons on client sessions, etc. This helps maximize your focus on a particular area as you’re not spending so much mental energy jumping from task to task. Give it a try – adjust in segments and a way that works for you!

  • Reassess Your Thoughts on a “Work Day”

Many coaches come from a background in a typical 9-5 job where you have to work a set schedule no matter how productive you were with your day. As you transition into running your own coaching business, you get to decide if this is the way you want to continue with your own practice.

People are oftentimes more productive when they know they will be done with their day once they’ve completed their tasks. Would this serve and motivate you? There’s no sense in sitting at your computer for 8 hours a day not being productive, getting distracted and counting down the hours until you’re “off” just because that’s the standard we were taught. You get to make the rules now – how can you be most productive with your day so you can live the balanced life you were seeking when making the decision to run your own coaching business?

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