6 Simple Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches

If you’re a coach who uses social media to grow your practice, you may find yourself creating the same types of posts over and over again because it’s what you’re most familiar with. It’s important to have a wide variety of content so you can see what resonates most with your audience and attracts your ideal client. 

If you find yourself staring at your computer screen from time to time wondering what to post to your social platforms, we hope these ideas will spark some creativity and inspiration for you.

  1. Testimonials:  We hope you’ve been gathering reviews and testimonials since your very first practice clients. Use parts of your reviews in graphics (Canva has great free templates) or you can even ask clients to record a video testimonial for you to share. Don’t be afraid to share old testimonials that you’ve posted in the past either!
  2. Quotes:  Most Life Coaches love a good quote! On the days where creativity is lacking, take some time to think about some of your favorites, flip through your notebook or favorite book to find what you’ve underlined or even scroll through Pinterest and see what strikes you. Use your caption to add your own touch to why the quote spoke to you. This is a great way to express to your audience what you value and what your practice stands for.
  3. FAQs:  Whether you have an established practice or are just getting started, you’ve probably already noticed themes in what people ask you about your business. If your potential clients, professional connections or family and friends are asking you these questions, chances are your social media audience wants to know the answers to the same questions. Give them the information they’re looking for before they ask and you’ll be actively removing barriers in their decision to work with you.
  4. Personal Stories:  There’s a reason we all got into this profession of serving. While different for all of us, it comes from a deep place of purpose within us. Our ideal clients are typically a reflection of places we’ve been before in our lives. Use personal stories to connect with your audience, show them what’s possible, inspire them to take action and build your like, know and trust factor.
  5. Upcoming Events and Offerings:  Do you have a workshop, speech or event coming up? Don’t stop sharing about it. Business owners often make the mistake of thinking they should only post once or a few times, but people often need to see your offering several times before making the decision to sign up. Algorithms also play a factor in who sees your content, so don’t expect everyone to see the first time you post. And don’t forget to post pictures after your events!
  6. Tasters of your Offerings:  If you offer a workshop, group coaching experience or program, what are some small pieces of the program you can share on your social channels? Don’t just share the details of your offering, focus on serving and educating your audience. When your audience is provided with value on a free platform, they will wonder how much more they could gain from taking part in the actual offering. Always put serving your audience first!
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