October 5

What Successful Life Purpose Institute Alumni Are Doing Now

With the unique passions and callings of the students that come through the doors of Life Purpose Institute, it’s no surprise that our students are excelling and putting their skills to use in a variety of different capacities.  

 Our goal is to empower students with the tools, techniques and confidence to express their passion and purpose in coaching. Here are just some examples of what the students who went through LPI’s Life and/or Spiritual Coaching Certification Programs are doing: 

  •  Working with teams in Puerto Rico to restore the power grid 
  • Conducting telesummits on relationships in conjunction with 15 other relationship experts 
  • Coaching for Better Help and other coaching platforms 
  • Coaching as part of a team for top coaches such as Tony Robbins 
  • Providing business coaching and business consulting to small businesses 
  • Creating and hosting spiritual retreats  
  • Coaching people to clarify and pursue a new career direction 
  • Coaching men on relationships and addictions 
  • Bringing their life coaching skills to the trails with a life coaching and mountain biking program 
  • Creating group challenges and masterminds to improve health and well-being and personal success. 
  • Publishing a book, workbook and digital products 
  • Coaching youth to better communicate and resolve issues with their parents 
  • Coaching as part of HR in large Fortune 500 companies 
  • Working with plastic surgeons or weight loss clinics to help with the internal changes patients experience 
  • Providing group coaching programs on personal success, goals, transitions, how to find your mate and other topics. 
  • Coordinating travel experiences and personal retreats 

 And many more! If you’re interested in our Life Coaching or Spiritual Coaching Certification Programs and how you can become a successful coach, call us at 858-484-3400 extension 1 or learn more at lifepurposeinstitute.com. 

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