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5 Easy Tips For Balancing Kids And Work


In today’s world, most families rely on two incomes. Motherhood is a career all on its own and certainly has its challenges. When you’re a mom that also works, the priorities can definitely feel like they’re competing. It can be hard to balance.  So what do you do? Here are 5 tips for balancing both the needs of your children and your career.

Tip #1: Be Realistic

“Having it all” has become the new status quo for moms. Social media heavily influences the way many moms measure their success, both in parenthood and in the working world.  Social media newsfeeds are filled with photos of picture-perfect moms working in their home office, with their children behaving in the background.

Let’s get real. That just isn’t reality and these social media standards are ruining the confidence of mothers everywhere! This perception can make anyone feel inadequate. Approach each day with realistic expectations and give yourself grace. Some days will be easier to balance than others and that is perfectly okay.

Tip #2: Talk About Your Feelings

Having a support system is critical. Family and work stress is no joke and can completely deplete your energy. If you don’t feel your best, it will be impossible to feel balanced. Consider your partner, friends, family, online support groups, blogs, and a professional like a life coach or therapist.

Many moms may have a difficult time discussing their innermost feelings with their partner or family. If this is how you are feeling, reach out to a life coach or therapist. A neutral third party is often a great alternative to the people in your everyday life because you don’t have to worry about being judged.

A professional will provide solutions to help you achieve a happy balance. They don’t have any skin in the game so their advice will only be from a place of good intention.

Tip #3: Say Goodbye to Guilt!

Moms put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect. When you’re working, you may feel guilty because you aren’t giving that time to your children. The best way to no longer feel guilt is to change your mindset.

By changing the way you think about your work, you can let go of any feelings of guilt. Recognize that you are working for your family. It is very expensive to provide for a family and by earning an income, you are doing your job as a mother to make sure they are taken care of.

When you feel the dreaded mom guilt creeping in, reflect on the purpose of your career. Maybe you are able to put money aside for college or pay for extracurricular activities that otherwise would not be possible. Whatever the reason, stop beating yourself up about not being physically there and be grateful that you are in a position to do more for your family.

Tip #4: Evaluate Your Morning Routine

One way to set the tone for a productive day is to start the day on a positive note. Are your mornings rushed? Do you have enough time to get everything prepared? If you find that you’re starting your day stressed out, consider making some tweaks.

  • If you drink coffee in the morning, get everything prepared the night before or set your coffee maker on a timer to start making it at a certain time in the morning.
  • Pick out everyone’s clothes the night before.
  • Pack diaper bags, work bags, backpacks, and anything else you’ll need to take in the morning.
  • Know what you will be making for breakfast in the morning.
  • Pack any lunches that will be needed.
  • Take a look at the family schedule for the next day and form a plan. Are there any activities for the kids planned? Doctor appointments? Playdates? Who will drive them?
  • Wake up with enough time to start the day without being in a rush.

If you have a partner, definitely talk with them about splitting up the responsibilities. Knowing what the day will bring will ease any anxiety you may feel, provide structure for your family, and eliminate the morning craze.

Tip #5: Be Present Where You Are

The best way to create a work-life balance is to take action and be present. If you’re worried about being with your kids while you’re working or thinking about work while you’re with your family, you’ll never feel at peace.

When you’re at work, stay on task. Don’t worry about what needs to be done at home, it’s just a waste of your time and energy. By fully committing in the moment, you will be more productive.

It’s important to set boundaries. Keep office gossip to a minimum, don’t check personal emails during workhours, and stay away from social media. Organize your time to maximize your productivity. When spending time with your children, you’ll be able to fully commit yourself to them and create memorable moments

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