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5 Self-Care Tips for Winter


The winter is in full swing. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays and ringing in a brand new decade, it can be easy to forget that the winter is naturally a time for rest and rejuvenation. In nature, many animals hibernate during the winter season and enter into a long rest in preparation for the busy spring and summer months. Just like these animals, we need to embrace the darker, colder days and use them to protect our energies, be still and slow down.

Although the cycle of slowing down during the winter months is nothing new, too many of us get wrapped up in new year’s resolutions and the desire to start the new year off with a bang. Instead of taking the time to get quiet and move slower, we begin to do, do, do and go, go, go. But, the winter truly is the perfect time to practice self-care and put your well-being first.

With 2020 already well on its way, consider how you can care for yourself over the next few months. In this post, we will offer five self-care ideas that can help you get through the winter season and prepare you for the regrowth that comes in the spring.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Simply put, self-care allows you to attend to your physical and emotional needs so that you can be more present and positive in your daily interactions. That might mean being a better parent or spouse. It could mean being a better, more motivated employee. It could even mean putting yourself before everything else. And, there’s not anything wrong with that! Whatever your situation, self-care is a way to honor yourself so you can be more prepared for whatever comes your way.

Granted, many people find self-care to be more difficult in the cold winter months. Rather than walking outdoors or socializing after work, the shorter days tend to make us want to cozy up indoors. The good news is that there are plenty of self-care ideas that are perfect for the winter season.

Here are 5 of our favorite winter self-care ideas that we encourage you to try now. Pick a few simple ones that really resonate with you to get started. You can add on from there!

5 Self-Care Ideas for Winter

Enjoy some sun every day.

While too much sun isn’t good for us, there are plenty of benefits of controlled sun exposure each and every day. We need Vitamin D, and the sun is the easiest way to get it. Sun exposure also promotes a positive mood and can ward off depression and other seasonal mood changes that many people face. In the summer, 10-30 minutes of sun is recommended; however, in the winter, you may require a little more time to get the same benefits.

Draw a luxurious bath.

When the temperatures drop, a warm bath can be so rejuvenating and relaxing. In chilly temperatures, we tend to tense up in order to keep warm. A bath can relieve any tension in your muscles that can come during cold weather. To make it extra special, add some aromatherapy and candles.

Get creative.

The shorter days mean more time at home or indoors. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing! Embrace the opportunity to follow some creative pursuits that you may have been putting off. Journaling, drawing, painting or even redecorating your space can be great creative outlets during the winter months.

Cook nutritious meals.

You may not be able to get to your local farmer’s market in the winter, but that does not mean that you can’t cook delicious, nutritious meals. Cozy nights in provide great occasions to try out new, warming recipes. Get yourself a new cookbook and work your way through each recipe to find some new favorites.

Care for your skin.

The dry, cold air in the winter means that our skin can become dehydrated, flaky and itchy. What better way to practice self-care than to take care of your skin? Take some time each day to gently exfoliate or dry brush. Follow with a decadent moisturizer or body oil. Don’t forget to amp up your water intake to hydrate from the inside out!

How do you care for yourself in the winter?

We’d love to hear which self-care tips you enjoy for the winter season! Share your favorites with us below. Self-care is essential to our success and happiness, so don’t let the shorter days and cold weather keep you from honoring yourself.

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