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7 Traits of the Most Successful Life Coaches

It’s no surprise that the life coaching industry has grown exponentially over recent years. More and more people are entering the field for the many perks it has to offer. From being your own boss to helping others make tangible changes in their lives, coaching makes a great career for those who have a passion for the work.

And the growth of the industry is not just dictated by the needs of coaches. Individuals across the world are seeing the benefits of having a professional coach help them achieve their goals. With so many coaches out there, have you ever wondered why some are massively successful, while others are struggling to get their first few clients?

Just like in any field, no two coaches are the same. Some specialize in a specific niche, while others work more generally. Some have been coaching for years, while others have just entered the field. However, there are certain intrinsic qualities that can help a coach be more successful.

If you are considering a career as a life or spiritual coach, you may be wondering what qualities can be found in the most successful coaches. In this article, we are going to share seven traits of the most successful coaches so you can be better able to determine if coaching is the right fit for you.

7 Traits of the Most Successful Life Coaches

Before we start discussing the qualities of great coaches, let’s briefly review what life coaches do for their clients. Life coaches teach the strategies for uncovering their client’s deepest goals and passions. They act as accountability partners, holding their clients to their commitments to help them achieve their greatest lives. Life coaches are not therapists nor are they mentors. Instead, a life coach is a guide that works with clients to make the best decisions for their lives so they can get what they want.

New coaches who want to do this work need more than just knowledge and a passion for helping others. The most successful coaches share some of the same traits that help them achieve professional and financial success, as well as create radical changes for their clients.

They love helping others.

If you don’t have a passion for the work and are simply in it for the money or lifestyle, you may find a career as a life coach difficult. The most successful life coaches genuinely love helping other people. They have a strong drive for sharing their experience and knowledge to help others reach their potentials. The best coaches go all in for their clients and the work.

They are motivating and encouraging.

The reason many people attain coaching services is because they need help and encouragement to reach their goals. The most successful coaches will have a naturally motivating and encouraging demeanor and communication style that enhances the client’s comfort. Your clients will refer you over and over if they know that you’re always in their corner, pushing for their success.

They are excellent listeners.

The best coaches don’t just hear what their clients are saying; they truly listen to the deeper meaning beyond the words. If a client feels listened to, it allows them to open up and trust that you are genuinely there for their higher good. The best coaches maintain eye contact, ask good questions and are adept at reading body language.

They are positive.

This might seem obvious, but the best coaches have a positive outlook. And this positivity doesn’t just extend to their clients. Successful coaches practice positivity within their own personal and professional lives. They understand that clients come to them because they may be dealing with challenging issues. The role of the coach is to be a beacon of light and a source of information to help clients get through tough times.

They are client-focused.

The client-coach relationship by nature is an intimate one. Clients are often divulging some of their deepest vulnerabilities, greatest traumas and most intractable obstacles. However, successful coaches understand that even with a certain level of intimacy, they are still the coach and must keep sessions client-focused. As a coach, a client session is not the time to discuss your personal life in detail, unless it would be of value to the client.

They are business-savvy.

Even if you have mastered the skills and strategies of the best life coaches, it is still critical that you educate yourself on the business side of creating a coaching practice. Like any entrepreneur, you will need skills in marketing, accounting and business development. For those who want to scale their businesses, continuing business education is critical so you can keep up with the latest marketing trends to reach more of your target clients.

They are always learning.

Along the same lines as being business-savvy, the most successful life and spiritual coaches are always learning more about their fields. They will attend conferences, read the latest books and research and challenge themselves by providing their services in different formats to be the best coaches for their clients.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful life or spiritual coach?

When you are ready to learn more about a coaching career, contact Life Purpose Institute to learn about our world-class life coaching and spiritual coaching certification programs. We have thousands of graduates around the world who have mastered the skills, created the connections and started successful, lucrative coaching practices.

If you have the qualities above or the capacity to develop them, life coaching might be the perfect fit for you. Contact our team today to discuss our programming and learn how you can start your career at Life Purpose Institute.

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