November 22

5 Steps to Achieve All Your New Year’s Resolutions

Has it been hard for you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions in the past?  This year can be the year you can achieve all your new year’s resolutions and make them fun and easy.

Fern Gorin, Life Coaching expert, and C.E.O. of a Life Coach Training Company has worked with clients since 1984 and she has 5 tips to help you start the New Year off right.

1. Clarify what you really want

You may say you want to lose weight, go to the gym, get a new job, finally take care of something you’ve been putting off, but is that the bottom line what you most want?

Is it more that you want to feel great, have energy, enjoy your job, or have a sense of accomplishment from reaching your goals?  The first key is to find your true motivation.

Keep asking yourself what do I get out of my goal that I really, really want.  Knowing your deeper motivations will help achieve this resolution more easily. It will be the fire in your belly that keeps you moving forward

2. Make it fun

You might say how in the heck do I make my resolutions fun?  In the past it may have seemed difficult and hard, forcing you to do things you’d prefer not to do.  It all starts with tricking your mind. Your mind can view change as an uphill battle at first. If you accompany the goal with something fun it reframes the goal and you start to overcome your resistance. Some examples of fun might be: instead of going to the gym, you take dance classes with your partner and you have a date night as well as a good workout.  You give yourself a reward every time you look for a job by taking a hot bath, put on our favorite music, or calling a longtime friend. When you cook that healthy food, you find a good recipe to cook that’s delicious and easy to make, or you pick up prepared healthy food from a health food store that saves you time for something else that’s important

By doing these kinds of positive things your mind will relax a little and change will feel easier as well as more fun.

3. Get support in any way you can

All of us need help when we’re doing something that’s hard for us. That may mean asking for support from family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones.  Ask a friend to meet you for a nice walk. Ask your family to support you in eating healthfully or cooking a healthy meal with you. Have someone be an accountability partner or hire a life coach to make sure you do what you say you’re going to do.  Join a group or organization, take a class, or find someone who can give you the support you need.

4. Set yourself up to win

Start positively working with your mind -especially your subconscious mind.  Most people view goals as all or nothing. Have you noticed the term diet -it has die in it. Either people take on the diet or they get off of it and backslide.  Studies have repeatedly shown that making small changes over time actually is more effective in achieving goals long term than one huge commitment and one huge change.  That’s right so you don’t have to do that full diet right off the bat, you can cut back one step at a time. You don’t have to achieve that goal right away you can take steps toward You don’t have to chew the elephant at one time you can chew it one piece at a time.  Progress creates more progress. You are winning at one step at a time and the subconscious really likes that. Take it easy, see what’s natural for you to do as your next step.

5. Commit to yourself as of today, knowing that you can make positive changes in your life

One thing that happens in your subconscious mind is that you don’t believe you can stay committed to the changes you want to make.  Your subconscious mind remembers that you tried this before and you didn’t change it then).  At the same time on some level, you do believe you can commit to and change things. Often when people believe they can’t and believe they can at the same time, it cancels out positive thoughts and stops them from moving forward, or people oscillate back and forth, starting to make a change and then stopping, then starting again and stopping.  Either way, you don’t move forward.  Start now committing to and believing in yourself.  Remember how you’ve made other positive changes in your life before. Consider how you can bring the same attitude, skills and inner resources into helping you achieve your New Year’s resolutions now. Believe this time you can do it. You are capable of committing and making your positive changes one step at a time.

Then to achieve those New Year’s resolutions clarify what you really want- your true motivations, make it fun, get support, set yourself up to win by starting with small steps.  This time finally commit to believing you can make positive changes. That way you’ll actually enjoy the process and achieve those resolutions with fun and ease.

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