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What is Spiritual Coaching?


Many people who want to learn about our life coaching programs are surprised to know that we offer the only Spiritual Coach Certification program in the United States. Like life coaching, spiritual coaching can be an amazing way to tap into your natural talents and intuition to help others live their best lives. Spiritual life coaching takes a slightly different approach, with more focus on exploring the deeper self and our connection to the universe.

Do you want to help people connect to their higher self, find their real purpose and live the life of their dreams? Does spirituality play a significant role in your life?

What is a Spiritual Coach?

Much like a life coach, a spiritual coach helps people to connect to their desires, identify obstacles and take actionable steps toward their goals. However, a spiritual coach does this work in a more profound way, starting with the underlying root causes of an issue, block or disconnection. Using tools that allow people to connect to their deeper selves and the universe, a spiritual coach helps clients create more joy, purpose and overall satisfaction with their lives on a deeper level.

How Do Spiritual Coaches Help Their Clients?

Clarity on their purpose.

We all crave to know our deeper purpose in life. We want to know why we are here. When we feel misaligned, we want to know what is the source of the disconnection. A spiritual coach helps clients to explore where they feel misaligned in their lives and supports them in being true to their deeper calling.

Many of us walk around, feeling unfulfilled and unconnected to the work we do. A spiritual life coach helps clients to identify their real purpose so that they can increase their feelings of love, connection and abundance in their lives.

Connect to their desires.

Sometimes people struggle to find their purpose because they don’t know what they really want. A spiritual coach works with clients to dig deeper into their subconscious to find out what they truly desire, not just what they think they want, or have been programmed to think they want.

A coach guides clients to connect to those desires to discover their purpose. A good spiritual coach helps people get clear on what they want so that they can make the impact they want in the world.

Make a plan to achieve their goals.

One of the most valuable roles of a coach is that of an accountability partner. A spiritual coach helps people to create a plan that is aligned with their desires and purpose. A coach will use tools and universal principles to help clients take the best action toward their goals. Clients will learn how to get the universe to work for them, not against them. Spiritual coaches encourage their clients to stay on track even when they falter so that they can achieve their goals.

Uncover their blocks.

What is the reason many people are unable to determine their purpose or make progress towards that purpose? It is because they experience blocks, or internal forces like old wounds, stories and patterns. These obstacles frequently take charge and prevent people from moving forward in the ways they desire.

A spiritual coach assists clients in identifying their traumas, releasing them and opening up space for their deeper selves. Work will also focus on creating new, more aligned stories to take the place of the old, negative ones.

Overall a spiritual coach works with clients to form a deeper connection to their true selves. Coaches help people to learn who they are, to love who they are and to accept wherever they are on their journey. Through deepening awareness and compassion, a spiritual coach guides people to rediscovering themselves, taking control of their lives and making the impact they want on the world.

Spiritual coaches help clients overcome issues related to:  

  • Discovering their purpose
  • Finding a fulfilling career
  • Forming deeper relationships
  • Achieving financial freedom
  • Controlling stress and anxiety
  • Managing health issues  
  • Creating overall peace, harmony and abundance

Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Does spiritual coaching sound like the right career path for you? The first step to becoming a spiritual coach is to do your research. There is ample information available online, but it is sometimes best to talk with someone who currently works in the field. After learning more about what it takes to be a spiritual coach, find a school that offers an accredited spiritual coach training program.

Life Purpose Institute offers the only spiritual coach certification program in the United States. Our training provides a robust curriculum and practical tools to help you create results for your clients. No matter what your beliefs, the spiritual coach certification training at Life Purpose Institute is universal and respectful.

If you would like to learn more about joining the Spiritual Coach Certification training from Life Purpose Institute, sign up for a free spiritual coach training class. This 90-minute session will teach you more about spiritual coaching and help you determine if it’s the right career fit for you.

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