March 30

5 Tips for Creating a Good Day Each Day


It’s up to each of us to create an amazing day each day. 

I woke up after not sleeping and in a bad mood. I really didn’t want to get up.  You know those mornings where you just want to turn over and stay in bed.  Then it occurred to me it could be a really good day.

Feeling curious what the day could bring, I finally got up.  Each day holds possibilities so I decided to explore how I could make the best of that day.  Here’s 5 things I discovered that helped me create a good day each day.

1) Be receptive to all good things.  

Start by saying I am open to ___. Here are some examples.  I am open to  goodness, ease, grace, joy, being productive, being loved and cared for , receiving the assistance I need, financial abundance, creative ideas, etc. In order to receive wonderful things you must be receptive and allow those things into your life.

2) Create a positive mindset

I am happy, peaceful, clear, productive, focused, kind, receptive, contented, trusting, allowing, joyful etc.

By affirming I AM, things are set in motion in the present. When we say I will be or this will happen your subconscious mind believes you are creating what you want in the future not now.

3) Visualize the best outcome for your day.

What do you really want to happen? What would that look like, sound like, feel like?  The more you visualize and see the positive results you are looking for the more your subconscious mind can cooperate with you and create those things.

4) Let go and trust life to help you create those things.

You can try to control many things but then there’s a point where you have to simply let go and allow life to bring you what you need.

Life works in partnership with us to co-create. If we always try to control how we will get there and how exactly things have to be created it, limits your subconscious (or Higher Power’s) ability to create new things, miracles and surprises. Letting go is not a skill we learn growing up. Imagine having planted a seed that is sprouting under the ground without pulling up the seed every two minutes to see if it’s sprouted yet. Let go and let the seed sprout!

5) Go enjoy your day.

Let the day unfold and try to enjoy, and embrace anything that happens. Notice what good results occur and give thanks.  Be in gratitude to yourself and life for creating this amazing day.

Fern Gorin, P.C.C. is the Founder and Director of Life Purpose Institute , a Life and Spiritual Coach Training Company

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