June 8

Alumni Spotlight – Angie Azur


I’m Angie Azur and received my Spiritual Life Coaching certificate from Life Purpose Institute this past January, 2020. At the same time, my husband, Bryan Azur, received his Primal Health Coaching certificate, and together we created our new business, Whole Human Healthy.  Between the two of us, we take our clients through a Whole healing journey – starting with the physical body (food, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits) through the Energy body (meditation, consciousness, healing) and into the Spiritual body (energy movement, manifestation).  We believe focusing on any one of these areas, at the expense of another, does not create Whole Human Healthiness. 

At Whole Human Healthy we believe in you. You have the power to heal yourself but we live in a world that no longer teachers how. That’s where we come in for your highest good. We mentor, coach and guide you back to your knowing, your remembering, your spirituality, and ultimately back to the Whole You!

I became a certified coach because I’ve always been a natural coach. Bryan and I also own Paleo Magazine and have coached many on that specific type of healthy lifestyle. I also have a psychology degree and am currently in a PhD program for ancient wisdom studies where I travel with great teachers and Shamans around the world learning indigenous ways to heal the body, mind and soul. Combining Bryan’s body and food focus and my spiritual and energy focus we coach the whole person back to wholeness. 

When we decided to create Whole Human Healthy, the first thing we did was ask each other who we wanted to coach. We made a list and realized we want to coach within our small community face to face and within our larger Paleo community via Zoom. Due to COVID-19, face to face has been put on hold – but before the outbreak what worked for us in marketing was posting flyers in the stores we resonated with like healing arts, crystal stores, yoga studios, and Whole Foods. We also emailed the community groups we belong to, school parents, and our friends and family members. For our larger community, we posted on Facebook and Instagram and sent out an email announcing our new venture.

We want to grow organically with solid clients, and we also want to help our community by giving back. And, so, during shelter-in-place we have offered 3-free one-hour coaching calls for anyone anywhere. This has been an amazing gift for both us and our clients. It’s not only helped keep our coaching skills sharp, but we’ve made some great new connections and have met wonderful people. 

What’s in the works for Whole Human Healthy? We are working on our first WHH program where we start with the foundations for the 3D body and Energetic body. Coaching clients through seven basics: nutrition, meditation, play, healing, connection, manifesting, and wholeness. We are also working on an app to bridge the gap between those that don’t know about meditation and coaching and those that want to give back and teach. We want to inspire those that know about the collective conscious to reach every person everywhere. 

The myth of separation is coming to an end. The time is for Oneness, Wholeness. We can do this together!

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