February 19

Alumni Spotlight: Leah Pardee – Confidence Coach


Growing up, I always felt pulled towards entrepreneurship.  Raised by two small business owners, who encouraged creativity and freedom, I had a belief early on that I could carve my own path.  At 13, I was babysitting for complete strangers who found my flyers and business cards at local grocery stores.  It was simply in my blood to be my own boss and to create my own reality.

After college, I was like most other recent grads: broke, insecure, and having no clue what to do with my shiny new Bachelor’s Degree.  Somehow, I stumbled into a career in sales.  Talk about a crash course in facing your fear!  It was about 90% rejection on any given day.  I was hung up on, and even publicly rejected while pitching local business owners in person.  But my insatiable determination won.

I quickly worked my way into management.  While attempting to teach sales strategy to the Sales Representatives on my team, I found myself preaching just as much about mindset.  Because honestly – that was what set the successful ones apart.  We believed in ourselves.  We had confidence.  And people were buying it.

The corporate world was good to me, but I had a deep desire for more.  I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to have a career that burned a fire inside of me.  I wanted desperately to run my own show. 

So in January 2019, I started a blog called Candid Confidence.  It was a passion project, a way for me to teach women all over the world what I had learned: that confidence was 99% of success and that anyone could grow a strong belief in themselves if they truly wanted to.

Little by little, I started to see my potential in the online business world.  As I dove deeper into personal development, I discovered Life Coaching.  I was fascinated.  This seemed like just the thing I was waiting for.  The thing I always knew I was capable of, deep inside. 

I enrolled in Life Purpose Institute and dove right into coaching.  In July 2019 I launched the Candid Confidence Podcast.  I had no idea what to expect and certainly didn’t anticipate thousands of listeners in dozens of countries shortly after its inception.  But I am so grateful that I learned to trust my intuition and to follow the tugs on my heartstrings.

Today, as a Confidence Coach, I help women who are ready to let go of their self-doubt.  Who are done dealing with insecurities and overthinking.  Who are ready for more joy and less anxiety in their lives.  And many of whom are starting or growing online businesses themselves.

I believe part of my mission on this planet is to challenge people to question their perspectives.  Sometimes, that means I am triggering people.  But I also exist to teach them that being triggered is always good, because it always gives us something to inquire about within ourselves.  An opportunity to examine what it is that is truly bothering us, beneath the surface. 

My challenge for you today is to take a deep, hard look at the vision and goals you have set for yourself. 

And go bigger.  Way, way bigger.

Ask yourself: what is it that is keeping me small?  Why can’t I picture myself at the next level?  And the next one after that?

Keep reevaluating.  Over and over. 

Because I promise you this:  you are way more capable of achieving your wildest dreams than you think. 

Check out Leah’s Candid Confidence Podcast at: Candidconfidence.com

Instagram: candid.confidence

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