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The Secret to Success as a Life Coach


Behind the most successful personalities in the world is a life coach or mentor who helped light up the way to the top. Being a life coach is all about mentoring others to be better at certain aspects of life, and you can draw on personal experiences for inspiration. Coaching is often like two-way traffic; as you assist others figure out and achieve their goals, you also realize the satisfaction and value in store for you as well. Here’s what it means to be a life coach and how to be great at it:

What does a life coach do?

A baseball coach improves your swing or weakness areas so you can be better at handling the bat, making runs, and so on. A life coach does the same thing in your life, offering different perspectives and pointing out areas where there’s room for improvement. Very rewarding and fulfilling, a life coach career is a one-of-a-kind. 

What makes a good life coach?

While there’s no one road map to being a great life coach given the vastness of the field, the best usually have the following in common.

An infectious positivity 

A good life coach is all about the “yes you can” attitude because most people often second-guess important decisions in their life. You should be able to inspire and encourage others to take bold steps toward their dreams and be brave enough to face the hurdles along the way. Part of the job entails pushing clients beyond their comfort zone so they can reach for the stars. 


If you ask ten people what wrong and right means to them, you may get ten different answers. A good life coach doesn’t pass judgment on a client’s contrasting opinions but instead learns to see the world from the eyes of another person. 


Unlike a therapist who gives advice, a coach instead helps clients realize their own solutions. They don’t make decisions for people or tell them what to do but inspire clients to get past whatever’s standing in the way of success, whether at a professional or personal level.

Excellent listening and observation skills

A huge part of the job encompasses being a great listener, which entails being able to pick up not only hidden messages in verbal conversations but also subtle tells in body language. Good perception and listening skills give you a better understanding of what a client is dealing with exactly.


For any life coach worth her salt, her word is her biggest asset. Uphold your honesty and integrity without wavering to build long-lasting relationships with clients and better your word-of-mouth reputation. 

Clarity in communication

In addition to being a good listener, the best life coach should be able to convey ideas with clarity and precision. Your vocabulary should be spot on, and so should your body language, among other levels of communication. 


Most people turn to life coaches for that extra push to make that first step into uncharted territory. A good coach is challenging and encourages clients to pursue what they yearn for despite the uncertainties. 


Like a detective sniffing about a murder investigation, a life coach needs to always be eager to learn more about their clients. You should ask lots of questions to unravel the feelings of your clients so you can guide them clear of the hindrances they bring. The best coaches cultivate a habit of curiosity. 

Staying true

A life coach cannot preach water and drink wine. You should live by the same principles of personal development that you advocate so that your life mirrors the values you’d like others to have. Often, clients can look to you and your life for inspiration in theirs. 

A solid work ethic

Like any other pursuit in life, hard work is a cornerstone of success. You should be willing to put in the hours to master these traits and keep in touch with the business world or any other field, as per the needs of your client base. You should keep on learning, and have regular self-assessments after sessions to determine where you need to brush up on. 

One more thing

Last but not least, the key to success as a life coach lies in schooling at an accredited institution where you can hone your skills under proven experts. It’s important that you also get ICF certification so you can build your name and credibility as a professional life coach. 

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