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Alumni Spotlight – Niccie’s Story


In the Fall of 2015 I completed my LPI Certification with Tanya Varley. At that time I’d been a director of nursing for over 20 years and loved EVERY minute of it. I loved seeing our building, the staff, patients, families and loved ones all succeed. I coached my staff, patients and families every day and found it came very natural to me and a necessity for their growth and gains. We had a motto of working hard, then going to bed at night satisfied with the ‘good work done’ . . . but knowing we could do even better tomorrow. I simply trained them, they did the real work, the hard work and they did it so well. So why did I leave work I loved?

Although I loved the work I did, out of nowhere I became immensely bored. Oh, don’t get me wrong this work was hard as well as time and energy consuming work but it always filled me up in a way greater than what I gave. However, something shifted, I become more and more bored and I was no longer filling up at work. In fact, this work I once loved was sucking the life out of me! So I turned to God. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I was 46 years old and starting something new at my age seemed crazy. I’ll spare you the details by pointing out that the very way I found my ‘calling’, and what to do next, is exactly how I have developed my practice of helping others to hear the voice of God and to then step into His leading, joyfully and confidently. Regardless of if the coaching was for work, life, health… It didn’t matter. It always worked.

I loved every minute of my LPI Certification training and I am sure God directed me to this program. But, there is a lot to learn even after you get your certification. God didn’t stop putting me in the right situation at the right time which helped me to step into some really great growing opportunities throughout the past four years.

After completing my training I got my LLC for Fulfill Your Legacy, my faith-based life coaching practice. About four months later a publisher who’d found my blogs asked me if I wanted to write a book about my coaching practice. That book published about 1 year after my company opened. That book, Awaking the Living Legacy, really took my business off and I was asked to publish another. I ended up signing on with a 4-part coaching series called the LEGACY SERIES. 

These books walk someone through:

  1. Getting their own life partnered with God in ‘The Living Legacy’. It’s an amazingly powerful program/book that transforms marriages, lives, careers, souls, etc.
  1. Then taking that God-partnered life to their loved ones, most importantly into their home with ‘Embracing the Loving Legacy’ touching on finances, parenting, and marriage and more. 
  1. After our OWN life is on track, and the lives of those we love, it’s time to do as Jesus did and share what we’ve learned with your community. That happens in book three ‘The Learning Legacy’ and last… 
  1. Book four, ‘The Leading Legacy’, teaches the readers to now lean into and act on the Holy Spirit, so they can truly impact the world. 

This coaching process has been so powerful so I just keep on. I honestly believe a successful online business comes down to grit and wise partnerships, God being number one. I never really leaned into God prior to all of this and I had a really great life. That is probably why I never felt the need to step in sooner. But, when I got into a bind and felt unsettled with no idea what to do next and actually sought HIM and boy He delivered. I love helping other people learn how to build a tight relationship with the Almighty. The omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent one. How can you go wrong with Him as your CEO, your captain? But, I’m a firm believer of learning to run while you pray. 

I learned to read around twelve and we will just say I had to work REALLY hard to figure out how to read, and then to catch up. I honestly didn’t get a good grip on learning until I was in late high school. I don’t look at dyslexia as a hardship. I see all weaknesses as an opportunity. That is why many great business coaches, and LPI, will tell you that often your biggest pain is your life purpose. No, I do not coach dyslexic people but I do carry with me a deep understanding of value. I persons value and what they can accomplish in life has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT THE WORLD TELLS THEM. If that were the case I would still not be reading or writing. I was told I was dumb so many times but I always knew that those voices were mean, wrong, and clueless. I love to help my clients know, that they are able. They can succeed and I can help them.

Shortly after coaching my clients on getting God-partnered and finding their life purpose. They wanted to start doing what I did, in their own way. I’d send them to other business coaches but they wouldn’t really take off, and often they would come back to me. Soon I gave into the repeated request of ‘Can’t you just help me do what you do?’ So in 2018 I started my business coaching program which is hugely successful and a line of my work I never imagined as I tentatively stepped in. 

In 2018 my podcast, ‘Living Within the Sweet Spot’ based off book one was asked to become syndicated on the largest talk radio network in America and in 2019 my second book was summited for Chip and Joanna Gains new network (Still waiting to hear on that one – I’ll take prayers !) I began certifying coaches to coach off both of my books now adding on Certified Living Legacy and Loving Legacy coaches which works great for other faith-based coaches not wanting to develop all their own programs (they are a business in a box). My sweetest love is my subscription community where I am able to serve other faith-based folks and entrepreneurs daily at a minimal cost. I have gotten very busy these days contracting my work to a very large publishing company helping the authors do what I have done, so my subscription community, The Legacy Leaders, allows me the freedom to give so much in one place at one time for near nothing. I do business coaching, life coaching, health coaching, and much more in there for each members.

Occasionally someone will ask me what is next and I simply tell them the same thing I inspire my coaching clients to do… To live, love, learn, and lead according to the call. I do not know where it will take me but I do know . . . it will be good. I have been speaking on bigger stages and I want to use those platforms wisely. I hope the television show happens but honestly I trust God and His plans for my life.

So if you are just getting started or if you are a seasoned coach and just hope to dive in a bit deeper, I encourage you to truly identify who you are and what you are designed to do. Is that work unique? Because you are. Believe in yourself and get around people who desire to invest in you – BUT ONLY THOSE WHOM YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE LIKE. I see so many coaches just off doing what the next person is doing and then disappointed when it doesn’t work for them. I KNOW that you are each amazing, unique and intricately made. I believe tapping into that uniqueness is HOW you should coach others. I also think you should get help. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can get excellent training from each other. Partner with a few and share gifts and talents as you grow. Scarcity is a foothold to many coaches. Believe me, there are enough coaching clients around for all of us and there are so many waiting for what God has already crafted you to be providing. Blessings to you all.

It has been such a gift to have received my training with LPI,

Go Live | Love | Learn | Lead powerfully,


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