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How is Life Purpose Institute’s Programs Different



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Angie Azure Life Coach
Personal Attention and Support Every Step of the Way.

How is Life Purpose Institute’s Life Coach Certification Program different from other programs I can take? 

Comprehensive, step by step training often referred to as a “business in a box”

    • Small group setting (10-12 students) with extensive practice and feedback
    • Personal attentional and support each step of the way
    • Tools to prepare you to coach around all the areas of life
    • Profound and life-changing processes that transform lives and create permanent change
    • Extensive 650 page manual with forms, worksheets and templates
    • Receive ongoing support with marketing during and after your training
    • ICF Accredited
    • Commitment to each person’s success as a coach

How long does the Life Coach Certification take?

We offer 3 and 6 month programs in both day and evening timeframes, as well as 5 day intensives with four 2-hour follow up classes. Certification requirements include coaching practice clients, peer coaching, taking two exams and meeting with your instructor to review certification documents.

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How will obtaining the Life Coach Certification help me?

    • You can become a Certified Life Coach ( a C.L.C)
    • Clients seek out coaches that are well trained and certified.
    • You obtain a high level of skill and competence in providing coaching
    • You’re trained to use over 100 tools to help people make progress in all areas of life.
    •  By learning our coaching method you’ll be able to consistently get positive results with clients.

Your certification with Life Purpose Institute also includes free marketing support both during and after your training.

This includes:

    • Individual meetings with your instructor to get feedback on your marketing plan and materials.
    • Being able to call or e-mail with questions or receive advise on your marketing approach at any time
    • Free classes on marketing for your professional development.
    • Being able to participate in a private Alumni Community where people network and get support

By getting your certification through Life Purpose Institute, you’ll become a competent coach with all the tools and support to create a highly successful practice.

The Life Purpose Institute is an ICF Accredited Program.

Once you’ve completed our Life Coach Certification Program, you will become a Certified Life Coach (CLC).  The Coaching Tools you will be certified in have been successfully used with over two million people worldwide since 1984.

You’ll be able to help clients make progress in all areas of their lives: relationships, health, career, life balance, spirituality, finances, etc. You’ll also be able to coach people through life transitions, help them discover their life purpose, find meaning and fulfillment in life and work and create a life they love.

Blocks and obstacles often get in the way of the client’s moving forward and making progress in these areas of life, so you are trained to use transformational tools to help your client resolve or overcome those roadblocks and be able to successfully achieve their goals.

In addition, you will be given extensive marketing materials and tools as well as receive ongoing support during and after the training to create your own successful private practice.

After you complete the Life Coach Certification, you can start your own coaching practice.

You may also wish to go on to obtain an ICF credential. The Life Coach Certification meets the Training Hours required for completing an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential. The Life Purpose Institute is an ICF Accredited Program.  Accredited Programs have the highest quality trainings and the highest standards.

For more information on obtaining a Life Coach Certification or ICF credential, contact one of our program specialists at Online Life Coach Certification Registration

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