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How to Choose a Life Coaching Certification Program


Life coaching is a growing career field that offers variety, flexibility and a level of satisfaction that is hard to find in many jobs. If you are in the beginning stages of planning your coaching career, you are probably considering which certification program to choose. While there are a number of options available, each program will have its own advantages depending on what is most important to you. 

As one of the leading life and spiritual coaching programs in the country, we know firsthand that choosing the right program can be a difficult decision. To help prospective coaches with this big choice, we have created a brief guide to identify the top factors to consider when picking a life coaching program.


The first factor to consider is the reputation of the program. You want to choose a certification program that is considered a leader in the industry and receives positive reviews from those who have graduated. It is recommended that you choose a program that is certified by the International Coaching Federation. With the ICF accreditation, you can feel confident that the program is up to the highest standards and you will receive the best education available. 

Delivery Options 

Once you have narrowed down your list to ICF accredited programs, you can begin to further limit your options based on your personal preferences and needs. Most programs will offer a variety of delivery options, including in-person, virtual or some combination of the two. Take some time to evaluate your schedule and your preferred learning style. Be sure that the program you choose offers you modes of delivery that will best promote your success. 


As you begin your research, you will surely see a great disparity in the cost of life coaching certification programs. While there are free or very inexpensive coaching classes available online that will result in a coaching certification, you should consider the quality of the education you will receive. Other programs can cost up to $15,000 and will provide a comprehensive, personalized experience.

When considering the price of the program, realize that the cheap or free options may seem appealing, but at what cost? Very often those options will not adequately prepare you for the career that you want. Potential clients may be less likely to sign up for coaching sessions if they don’t see that you have obtained your certification from a reputable source. 

On the other hand, the programs at the top end of the range may be out of your budget. While these may provide the most clout, other reputable programs that fall into the middle range of tuition costs may also meet your needs. Ultimately, if you are a go-getter and make growing your business a priority, you can easily recoup your tuition costs quickly. 


Some life coaching certification programs specialize in specific concentrations or niches, while others offer a general life coaching certification. This is an important factor if you already know that you’d like to specialize in a certain coaching category. There are many niches that are popular among life coaches including:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Health 
  • Nutrition
  • Leadership
  • Spiritual 
  • Relationships
  • Small business
  • Creativity 

If you have not already defined a niche, you should enroll in a program that offers a general coaching education to gain exposure to a wide range of coaching specialties. To learn more about niches and why you should consider specializing as a life coach, read our article on the subject here: 

How to Choose Your Coaching Niche

Duration of Program 

Finally, it is important to consider the length of the program. Much like pricing, programs vary in length considerably from institution to institution. Most programs range from 3 to 15 months depending on if you choose to complete any advanced courses or specialties. The most appealing program may not always be the shortest. Longer programs typically offer more of an opportunity to let the information sink in and additional time for practice and research. 

Hopefully, this mini-guide will help you make the best choice when looking for a life coaching certification program. By considering these 5 factors, you should be well on your way to making the right choice. Trust your gut and put stock in the feelings you have when perusing the website and talking to their representatives. Your instincts will rarely steer you wrong! 

If you are considering a life coaching certification program, give Life Purpose Institute a call to learn more about our flexible programs. We are accredited by the International Coaching Federation and take pride in our reputation for offering the most personalized programs in the industry. 

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