February 19

Trending Life Coaching Niches for 2021


Are you thinking about becoming a life coach? Are you a practicing life coach who’s looking to specialize in a particular niche? Are you wondering what trends we will see in the coaching industry this year? 

At Life Purpose Institute, we are constantly studying the trends to identify where the industry is moving and how we can best support new and existing life coaches. As a recent graduate of one of our coaching certification programs, it is common to wonder how you are going to grow your business, obtain your first clients and create a sustainable income. Our programs prepare our coaches by providing education on the business of coaching so they feel prepared the moment they receive their certification. 

But we also know that a successful career involves much more then education. We encourage our coaches to study what’s happening in the world to identify where they might be able to specialize and be most helpful to their clients. Part of discovering your niche is to understand your own personal strengths and experiences as well as gaining an understanding of who you most want to serve. By establishing a life coaching niche, you are defining your practice and improving your skill at helping those clients. By generalizing, it may be harder to attract the right clients to your practice. 

To learn more about establishing a life coaching niche, read our article How to Choose Your Coaching Niche.  

After graduating from an accredited life coaching program such as Life Purpose Institute, consider who your ideal client is and what unique skills and experience you bring to the table. By studying these factors you can identify who you are uniquely positioned to help. If you are curious which coaching trends are growing or continue to be strong in the industry, read on to learn about 7 trending life coaching niches for 2021. 

Managing Crisis 

With events of the last year, it is no wonder that more and more people are dealing with both emotional and physical burnout. The stress of the pandemic as well as other events occurring in our country and around the world, have left many people feeling exhausted, anxious and unable to manage as well as they used to. 

This year, many people may be seeking a life coach to help them understand their feelings and develop systems to overcome the burnout and fatigue that they are experiencing. 

Managing your workplace 

This past year has thrown us many curveballs, especially for those who’ve begun to work remotely, and more so for those who must also manage childcare. The demands of parenthood paired with those of a full time job can quickly become overwhelming. Many people have experienced burnout and are far less productive then they could be.

Life coaches can help people navigate this new landscape by providing them with strategies for managing their work life balance. In addition, coaches can help their clients learn techniques to manage stress, to organize their days and to be working at optimum levels in everything they do.


2020 was not all negativity. For many people, the change in lifestyle has resulted in more focus on what’s truly important and a renewed interest in their personal goals and passions. Many people have reconsidered creative endeavors that long ago they put on the shelf or career changes that they thought were unrealistic. 

With many people feeling a renewed sense of ambition, coaches can step in to help people achieve their goals by providing them with tried and true coaching techniques and by being a true accountability coach and partner. 


Relationships can be challenging to manage for anyone but especially during a pandemic. Many people have found it difficult to manage their relationships while working from home and staying home with their significant others. Even friendships have been impacted by the pandemic and the stay at home requirements. 

Life coaches who specialize in relationships can help their clients improve their current relationships by teaching them tools to develop healthy  satisfying and worthwhile relationships with everyone in their lives. Coaches can also help their clients understand how they can be a better friend, partner, sibling or even coworker by helping them develop themselves internally. 


Another result of the events of the past year is that many people have taken a renewed interest in spirituality. Many people who have felt lack in their daily lives have chosen to fill that void with a newfound sense of connection and discovery that spirituality practice can provide. 

Spirituality life coaches can help their clients to explore this aspect, open their minds to new experiences and their hearts to their greater purpose and passion. 

By establishing a coaching niche that speaks to the needs of people today, you can become an invaluable resource for those who need help, coaching and accountability. 

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