April 29

Now is the Time: Become a Spiritual Life Coach

There are many different kinds of coaches. Specializing in different areas, coaches might focus on career or financial coaching, health and wellness coaching or even mental health coaching. One type of coach that is not as commonly talked about is a spiritual coach.

A spiritual coach is someone who helps guide you to reconnect with yourself and do some self-discovery. They utilize a very holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals and take down barriers you may not even know you have.

At Life Purpose Institute, we have one of the leading Spiritual Coaching programs that will give you a Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC) designation. Our programs are universal, meaning we do not espouse any one particular faith. Instead, students can expect a curriculum that honors and respects all religious and spiritual paths. 

What Is Spiritual Coaching?

During the Coronavirus outbreak, many people are seeking support in facing the fear, uncertainty and abrupt transitions that they have been thrown into. Now may be one of the best times to begin spiritual coaching, or to become a spiritual coach. No matter what position you are in, let’s explore some of the hallmarks of a spiritual coaching program. 

Exploring your subconscious and limiting thoughts

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It needs to be. It has a lot to process as it helps us make sense of the world around us. Sometimes though, it does its job just a little too well. When this happens, we may find it hard to discern what is fact and what is perception. 

When our perception gets in the way of our goals, we call these limiting thoughts. Maybe you haven’t applied for a job because it involves a lot of math. You know you can’t do math. It’s too hard. Is that truly the case, though? Perhaps you are perfectly capable of handling numbers, but get nervous when faced with them. If it’s not a fact, it’s a construct of your subconscious. A spiritual coach can help guide you to spot these thoughts and see them for what they are so you can stop letting them limit your potential.

Understanding why you do something, not just what you do

Speaking of the subconscious – you’d be surprised how often you do something without realizing why. Spiritual coaches work under the understanding that most of our behavior is a result of programming our minds picked up in our early years. There is nothing wrong with this – it’s how our minds develop and understand the world around us. But sometimes unhealthy habits can slip into that programming, causing us trouble in our adult lives. 

A spiritual coach can help you delve into why you do the things you do. A coach can identify that programming and, in cases where it is causing problems, they can help you reprogram those areas of your subconscious to create healthier habits and promote better decision-making skills.

Reconnecting with the spiritual part of life

Spirituality is about knowing yourself, learning what drives you and trying to live a life more in-tune with your personal goals and values. In the day-to-day grind to survive and get ahead, we can sometimes lose track of ourselves and what drives, fulfills us and makes us live a happy life. A spiritual coach will help you reconnect with that part of yourself to get your life back on track towards personal fulfillment.

Healing and overcoming trauma

An extra benefit of getting a spiritual coach is that it is an excellent way to face and overcome previous trauma and begin healing. For some, reaching out to a therapist may be an effective way to deal with trauma. For others, it may be less about identifying trauma, and more about accepting it and learning to move forward. 

A spiritual coach will help guide you in your quest to release negative feelings and energy you’ve been carrying around. It’s not so much about forgiving others or justifying previous trauma you’ve experienced. In essence, it’s about recognizing that holding onto these things will only add to the negative emotional “baggage” you must carry. You’ll be taught to release these feelings and move on into a sense of enlightened self-interest.

Your most important asset

In a world where we manage competing interests such as home, family and finances, our spiritual selves can sometimes get lost in the mix. And that is unfortunate because our spiritual selves are our most valuable assets. It’s the impetus from where everything else flows. It is what makes family and career have meaning. We must look after ourselves spiritually, foster the positive in our lives, cast aside the negative and try to remember who we are. That’s all that truly matters in the end.

If you are interested in becoming a spiritual life coach, Life Purpose Institute has a variety of program formats to meet your needs.

Give us a call to learn more about how you can get started in a career that helps people reconnect to a deeper meaning and truly get the most out of their lives. Become a Spiritual Life Coach today! 

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