May 6

Alumni Spotlight – Lora Haines


When I joined LPI, I was already a global facilitator for JB Training Solutions, teaching leadership, team performance, and public speaking workshops all over the globe. While I loved the work I was doing, I always felt a deep pull to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way.

The intensive environment, chance to see San Diego, and the ability to bond with like-minded individuals for five days is what really appealed to me about Life Purpose Institute. Looking back, I am so grateful LPI is the organization I chose to attend to acquire my certification in 2017. Not only was it one of the most amazing and transformative weeks of my life, but I was able to integrate my LPI Certification into my corporate training client offerings.

As a result of my certification, I now have the privilege of providing business coaching to leaders of Fortune 100 companies. Furthermore, the skills learned at LPI have proven invaluable in creating powerful and transformative coaching sessions with my clients.

Even in these “Quaran-times” my LPI certification has helped our business pivot. The greatly increasing appetite and need for connection within our client-organizations created an opportunity for us to expand upon our coaching platform in a more robust way. What set me apart as the perfect candidate to lead this entire initiative was my LPI certification. Without it I wouldn’t have had the opportunity or skillset necessary to write the workshop “Coaching from Afar” nor the ability to provide world-class coaching services to our clients during such an abnormal period.

In addition to my work with JB Training Solutions, my LPI certification has opened up opportunities to consult and collaborate with other life coaches to help them take their own keynotes, workshops, and curriculum to the next level. Over the last three years, I have designed captivating keynotes, completely restructured and rebuilt certification programs, and consulted on numerous workshops (virtually and in-person). My career has given me the privilege of practicing professional training for some of the best organizations in the world (Disney being my favorite). What has brought me the most joy though has been the adventure of integrating that 12 years of professional experience with the skills I learned from LPI to help others turn their life coaching dreams into a reality.

My LPI experience was absolutely amazing and I will cherish it forever. The best advice I would give to new coaches everywhere is this: Never forget why you got into coaching. You never how much that Facebook Live video, online workshop or community event is going to impact and help change an individual’s life.

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