April 16

Are You Struggling to be Productive?


Do you feel like you’re constantly overwhelmed and turning in circles when you should be getting things accomplished? Do you find yourself returning to old patterns of “being too busy” and “not having enough time?” Even during this time of stay-at-home, are you not getting things done like you thought you would? 

If so, you are not alone. 

One of the more common issues that life coaches help their clients with is productivity. Life coaches are outstanding at this! They’re so good at this, some life coaches specialize and call themselves productivity coaches. So, how do you know if a life coach can help you?

Let’s examine some telltale signs you might need a life coach to step in.

You struggle to achieve a work-life balance.

These days, it can be hard to know when it is time to work and when it isn’t. Technology has made life easier in some ways, but it has also kept us connected 24-7. Working from a home office (or the kitchen table), it can be difficult to separate your life. Emails and text messages can interrupt meals, and family can interrupt you at your desk. 

That’s where your life coach comes in. A coach can help you structure your workday by creating a framework of rules and good habits for you to follow. This can be essential for effectively dividing work and your personal life. You’ll find separating the two can lead to both better work and more happiness during your time off.

You’re always exhausted.

Yes, you’ve heard the adage: work smarter, not harder. As patronizing as it may sound, there is some truth to it. Specifically, a lack of organization or focus may be causing you to spend too much energy with too few results to show for it. A life coach can assist by analyzing your work behavior and helping you structure your time to prioritize and focus on each task in turn. They can also help you identify behaviors that aren’t supporting your work and teach you how to avoid those liabilities in the future.

Your formula for success has reached its plateau.

If you’re a successful person already, there’s likely good reason for it – good going, you! Sometimes, what got you to where you are today isn’t going to get you to the next place. You may need to develop a new skill set, or your current one may need some refinement for the new task at hand. A life coach can help you with that plan.

Remember that a life coach is – quite literally – a coach. A coach will look at your game, analyze how you play and find out what works and what needs to be changed or adapted to help you overcome the obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals.

You’ve tried doing this all by yourself.

Don’t think for a second you’re alone on this one. Everyone has been here. Holding ourselves accountable can be challenging. It’s kind of like dieting. You look up healthy recipes online and maybe buy a scale and a gym membership, only to lose steam after a month (or sometimes even less!)

Well, work can be like that too. You may purchase online courses to try and broaden your skills or buy a self-help book to try and learn new habits. Yet, none of it seems to work, and it becomes just one more thing on your seemingly endless to-do list – making you feel even more behind than before. 

That’s when a life coach can be a game-changer. You can’t ignore your coach or put off your sessions until later. A coach holds you accountable to the changes you want to make and the commitments you make to your self-improvement. 

You can’t find your way.

Sometimes people just draw a blank. It happens. You’re overwhelmed, tired, have no personal life, work is chaos and you have no idea how to get yourself out of a hole – and that’s on a good day. When you reach that point, sometimes you need an external hand to help you up and give you a boost. What better person to do so than a life coach? The main advantage is they’ve seen the rut you’re in, but they’re not in it. They have the clarity and sanity still to help you get out.

Get the Tools You Need with a Life Coach 

If life were a movie, you could queue some motivating music, get inspired and take your life by the reins. Unfortunately, it’s not. It takes organization, focus, discipline and hard work to get back on top of things. To help you get there, a life coach might be just the help you need to move your life in the direction you want.  

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