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Small Budget Marketing Tips for New Life Coaches


As a new life coach, you are probably experiencing some mixed emotions. While it’s exciting to start the next chapter in your career, it can also be daunting. How do you get your first clients? When will you start to make the salary that you want? Will you be able to make a successful career as a life coach

Your life coaching certification prepares you to be a good coach, but what can you do to become a successful life coach? The answer is simple: market yourself! While the answer is simple, the execution can be challenging, especially when you are just starting out and don’t have the budget for a full-scale marketing campaign. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for new coaches to get their names out there and cultivate an enthusiastic following that are inexpensive or even free. 

Check out these 6 small-budget marketing tips for new life coaches for ideas on how to promote yourself and your business. We recommend choosing a couple of these tips to begin, and adding more as you go. Experiment to find the strategies that you enjoy and that work best for you. 

6 Small Budget Marketing Tips for New Life Coaches 

Network. Network. Network.

Coaching is all about connection, so it makes sense that networking is an effective way to raise your profile and get your name out there. Attend networking events with other coaches or professionals in complementary fields or who serve similar clients. These relationships can be beneficial for referring new clients to you and helping you promote new products or services. 

Collect glowing testimonials. 

Potential coaching clients want to know that you have had success with others before signing up for a long-term coaching relationship. Testimonials are the best way to demonstrate your ability to achieve results and give new clients some peace of mind before making the investment. Ask previous clients to share how your coaching has helped them to make positive changes in their lives. 

Author a book or article. 

One of the top ways to establish yourself as a leader and expert in your field is to share your knowledge in a formal way by authoring books, articles or other written media. Decide on a niche in which you have specific experience and extensive knowledge, or choose a topic that represents the biggest challenge your ideal clients face. Sharing this information not only attracts your perfect clients, but it can also help increase your clout in the industry. 

Secure speaking engagements. 

Another popular way of raising your coaching profile is by giving talks or presentations at industry and networking events or conventions. Create a compelling talk that can be delivered to a variety of groups and reach out to event operators to offer your services. Even though you may not make money at first, over time (and if you enjoy it!), giving presentations can be a great source of additional income. 

Host a webinar or Zoom training. 

If you are not quite ready to get on a stage, try your hand at hosting a webinar, lecture, or workshop online. Again, choose a topic that resonates with your ideal clients. Be sure to make the lecture informative and action-based so your attendees get real value out of it. Not only can you potentially convert your attendees to paying clients, but they are also likely to spread the word about your coaching to others who are in need.  

Put some time into your website. 

While paper business cards still have a place in the world of networking, your online business card, also known as your website, is perhaps even more important. You don’t have to be a web design expert to create an effective coaching website. There are plenty of online platforms available to help you design a great site. Be sure to spend time on your site’s content. Think about what a potential client wants to know and feel before starting a coaching relationship with you.   

Are you ready to grow your new coaching business? 

Trying just one or two of these tips at a time can help you get your name out there and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Remember, marketing any business takes time and effort. Creating a financially successful coaching practice is possible for those who put the time and energy into marketing themselves to the right clients. 

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