April 14

The Benefits of Setting Daily Intentions


Do you make a conscious effort to focus your attention on your goals every day? So many of us have grand goals for ourselves and a huge desire to achieve them, but we struggle. Maybe we get distracted and lose track of our vision. Maybe our goals seem so large that we put off taking action until tomorrow. 

If this sounds familiar, have you considered setting daily intentions? The act of setting intentions is one of the best ways you can keep yourself on course to meeting goals and achieving the level of happiness you desire. Intentions provide you with the focus you need to progress towards what you want to achieve. No matter what it is you are after, like a new relationship or starting a life coaching practice, beginning your day with intentions can help you get there. 

3 Benefits to Setting Intentions 

While success looks different to everybody, it is a goal that most everyone shares. Whether it’s success in your career or relationships or success in your health journey, we all want to achieve what’s meaningful to us. However, getting to the level of success that we desire is not always easy. In fact, there are many obstacles that lead people off the track. Negativity from the people around us, poor finances or low self-esteem are just some of the road blocks that keep people from achieving the success they desire.

The act of setting daily intentions is one way in which you can overcome these obstacles and continue to make progress every day. It is a gentle yet effective reminder that you have a higher purpose and that the things you do and say in the course of these 24 hours can help you get there. Intentions that are tied to your greatest goals will help you live a life of intention and gratitude. 

Those who swear by the power of daily intentions cite some impressive benefits. For one, setting daily intentions can erase preconceived notions of limitation or lack. As humans, we have a tendency to not believe in ourselves, to see limitations and to settle for what we think we deserve. While none of these things are true, daily intentions allow you to verbalize and focus on your abilities rather than doubt. 

Another benefit of daily intentions is improved focus on what’s important. Intentions set a tone of positivity. They are not about the past but rather they focus on what is to come. They help you voice what you intend to focus on during the day, and by repeating your daily intentions, you are giving yourself permission to focus on these things rather than the obstacles and negativity that you may face. 

Finally, setting intentions means that you live with intent! You are acting in ways to achieve something higher each and every day, even if that means you only take small steps. Setting intentions gives you the ability to focus more on the positive things around you and the small things that contribute to your happiness. 

Intentions to Achieve Your Goals

The daily intentions that you choose are deeply personal. They can be anything you want as long as they resonate deeply with you and your vision for your future. If you are looking for some inspiration, consider the following intentions. 

I intend to… 

  • Be positive in all of my interactions.
  • Take care of my body. 
  • Be productive in my work. 
  • Accept what life brings me each day.
  • Be open to new experiences. 
  • Be kind to myself. 
  • Be kind to others.
  • To act with gratitude. 
  • To love myself. 

Setting daily intentions can be an energizing exercise. It allows you to align your goals and greatest visions for your life with your day-to-day routine. By focusing on your daily intentions, you will find that you are more open to what life brings you, more positive and more focused. These benefits will allow you to get closer to your goals no matter what they may be.

As life coaches, we have the opportunity to help people bring their goals into reality. One effective tool we may use with clients is daily intentions. We can guide them to develop a ritual around their intentions, allowing them to bring their goals into daily focus and make the progress they want.  

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