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Tips for Coaching While at Home with Kids


While many life coaches work exclusively with virtual clients, the work-from-home lifestyle is still new for some coaches. If you are also a parent, you probably worry about handling your kids while still working effectively with your clients. One thing that’s a given is the need for a quiet workspace when having client sessions. 

The two most important things you can do to manage your kids and your work are establishing a routine and prioritizing the most important tasks for each day. If you can master your routines and prioritize effectively, you might be able to handle everything and still have some time to yourself! The routines and priorities that you set will vary based on your kids’ ages and your workload. The use of a calendar is an essential part of managing it all. 

As a parent and a life coach, it is important that you find balance. The tips included in this post will give you a good starting point. 

Establish a Home Routine 

One of the joys of being a parent includes shifting your focus away from yourself and to the priorities of your children. While this can be freeing, it does not mean you should neglect yourself altogether. Making sure that children have a routine is the best approach to prioritizing yourself and your kids while still being able to manage your work as a life coach. 

Consider all the things that happen in your household. Maybe you have kids that participate in extracurricular activities such as dance classes or soccer practice. Or perhaps your partner has meetings on Thursday nights and in-laws that visit very other weekend. You may have appointments with friends, hobbies or other obligations that occur on a regular basis. Whatever the case, record all of these home-life activities and begin to fill in your calendar. 

Then consider all of those things that don’t fit nicely into a time slot, such as time for self-care or spontaneous family activities. By bringing all of these items to your attention, you can get a clear picture of open time slots for work and yourself. 

Establish a Work Routine

One of the perks of being a work-from-home life coach is that you have the flexibility to devise your own schedule. As a parent, this is exciting news because it also gives you the ability to get creative with balancing your daily routine. Setting a manageable work routine is essential to your success as a life coach.  

The best way to set your work routine is through the use of time management strategies such as time blocking, daily planning and using time management tools. After exploring your home routine, you will be more aware of your availability outside of the set-in-stone obligations that you have. 

From there, you can choose the work parameters that work for you. For example, you can decide that you will only have client meetings two days a week while the other days are for completing marketing or accounting  tasks. This type of weekly time blocking makes your schedule more manageable and allows you to tackle everything on your work to-do list. 

No matter how you structure your work, the key is to balance it with your home routine so that the two are working together and not competing. 

Prioritize Your Tasks at Home

When managing your kids and work routines, you should take stock the things that keep your home running such as daily chores, managing finances and home maintenance. Once you know what needs to be done, you can begin to prioritize them. 

A great way to manage kids and work is to use a home calendar that keeps track of important due dates, monthly tasks and appointments. A calendar that everyone can reference when making commitments or plans will give ownership to other people in your home. It will also take some of that responsibility away from you. 

When you have your home priorities on a calendar, you will be able to see the opportunity for work time.

Prioritize Your Tasks at Work

Being a life coach requires a time commitment. Working with clients and continuing your own development means multiple work priorities in a week. The best approach to managing your time is to set daily priorities. 

Take time at the start of the day to write out your top 1 – 3 priorities. This will help you to stay focused on what’s most important and reduce the chance of missing a deadline or falling behind. 

While it might not always feel like it, it is possible to handle both kids and work as a life coach. The important thing is to establish a routine and set your priorities. If you need help, keep in mind that it is not uncommon for life coaches to have their own life coaches. Working with a good coach can help you balance your life and find joy in the everyday. 

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