November 27

How to Sign Up New Coaching Clients


As a life or spiritual coach, what would you say is your biggest challenge? If you answered signing up new clients, you are not alone. Many coaches report that their greatest struggle is converting browsers into paying clients. 

What do we mean by browsers? These are potential clients that visit your website, download your freebies, listen to your podcasts, read your articles and maybe even sign up for a discovery session – but they never take the next step into buying a coaching package or paying for any of your products.

As a coach, it can be frustrating. These clients seem interested in your message, but what is stopping them from committing to working with you? Why are they hesitant to make the investment in you and your coaching services? 

In order for a potential client to take the next step with you, there are certain things that must be in alignment. If you can focus on these 4 principles, you will have a greater chance of landing the right clients and scaling your coaching business. 

4 Ways to Get Clients to Sign Up for Your Coaching Services 

Be clear on the outcome you can help them achieve. 

Clients want to know what they will achieve when working with you. They want to understand what tangible results they’ll realize after investing their time and money with you. Help them make the leap by focusing less on selling your coaching services, and focusing more on the specific outcomes they can expect.

A healthier work-life balance? More robust relationships with family and friends? Career satisfaction and growth? By highlighting the actual impact your services will have on their lives, you can speak directly to what is drawing them to coaching in the first place. 

Demonstrate how you are the right person to help them achieve the outcomes they desire. 

There are a lot of life coaches out there. What makes you the perfect coach to help a potential client reach their goals? How do you stand apart from the rest? The key here is to demonstrate to potential clients how your values align with their own.

Clients choose coaches based on much more than merely their professional experience and education. They hire you based on you! Your personality and personal history are just as important to a potential client. By being your authentic self in all of your marketing materials and conversations, you can relate with potential clients on a level that will make them more likely to want to work with you. 

Show them that the time to start is now. 

You’ve probably had a client who was motivated to receive coaching, but the timing wasn’t right. Perhaps the financial investment or time commitment made signing up for coaching an impossibility at the time. Clients must have the motivation to start coaching.

As a coach, it is your job to help your clients find that motivation. Having a client who is truly ready to be coached will make a world of difference as you dive deeper into the client-coach relationship. Sometimes the timing isn’t right, and that’s ok. Coaching will be more effective when the client is ready to invest themselves completely in the work. 

Make your process clear and concise. 

Signing up for coaching is a big investment of time, energy and money. It can be intimidating for some potential clients. To make the decision easier, give your clients the information they need to feel comfortable and confident in their choice to work with you. Is your process clear? Do your potential clients understand the responsibilities they will have in the coaching relationship? Do they know what it will be like to work with you as their coach? 

By spending some time focusing on these four factors, you might be able to convert potential clients into paying customers more quickly and effectively.  

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