May 19

Will My Life Ever Get Back to Normal in this Unparralled Time?

Lessons Learned from Life Coaching

These are the strangest of times, everyone’s life has changed dramatically. You might be wondering if your life will ever return to “normal”.

Many people are talking about the “New Normal”, either way, times are uncertain.  None of us have a crystal ball to predict what will happen in the future. I have been a Life Coach since 1984 and providing Life Coach Training since 1995.  Here are 7 things I learned from being a Life Coach and walking my talk.

1. A Life Coach asks powerful questions. 

One question might be, what would it look like to normalize your life right now?  Is it maintaining a certain routine, connecting with certain people, exercising, or working at a job?  What else would have your life feel more “normal”? If you are not working, what full-time endeavor could you prepare for or pursue right now? If your schedule feels disrupted, what could your new schedule be?  What routines would ground you and make you feel more comfortable with your life?

2. Life Coaching is above moving forward not back. 

Your “new normal” might include more freedom, working from home, more time with family, more online activities, more quiet time to reflect, and focus on other things in your life. Let yourself move forward into a new life and new priorities.  What else would you like to change, enhance, or improve in your life?  You have the time now to focus on these things.

3. Every challenging time is a time for growth and new learning about yourself. 

Many are questioning what do I truly want to do with my life?  What work would I love doing?  What are my true priorities?  As discussed previously, there are some positive opportunities that have come from the pandemic.  Instead of fighting the changes that have been occurring in your life, welcome them, invite them, and use them as an opportunity for growth.

4. Life Balance is essential.

One opportunity for growth is to get your life in balance.  Maybe you’ve been working too hard or have not had enough time for family.  Maybe you need to focus on your health, exercising, and taking care of yourself.  Maybe you need more fun. Ask yourself, is my life in balance?  If not, what can you do to get your life back in balance?

5. Have compassion with yourself. 

You may feel some depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, hopelessness, or even feel out of control in your life.  It’s normal to feel a lot of different emotions in such a time of crisis and change.  Be compassionate with all you’re feeling and experiencing, it’s understandable you’re feeling that way.

6. Get the support you need, you can’t do this alone. 

Reach out to family, friends, and co-workers if you need support.  Many people right now are hiring Life Coaches to get them through this time.  Others who experience more depression and anxiety seek out a therapist to help manage their mental health. 

7. Develop a plan of action in every area of your life to move forward.

Areas of your life can include, your relationships, work, life balance, finances, fun and leisure, spirituality, etc. Clarify what you want in each area and determine what steps you can take to move forward in your life and create a “new normal”?

In summary, then ask yourself the question of what would normalize your life right now.  Move forward and use this time as an opportunity for growth, maintain life balance, have compassion for yourself and, get support from others if you need it. Now’s the time to develop a plan of action in every area of your life. If life isn’t “normal’ why not create your “new normal” for now and then when things continue to change create your next “ new normal”. It’s a process and will keep emerging

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