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Would You Make A Good Life Coach?

Self Assessment – Am I Fit to be a Life Coach?

  • I enjoy helping other people.
  • People always come to me for advice.
  • I believe helping others is my true life purpose.
  • I would enjoy being self-employed.
  • I am willing to take initiative to tell others about the service I provide.
  • I am willing to learn and do some sort of marketing to get new clients.
  • I enjoy speaking with other people.
  • Flexibility in my schedule would be great to have.
  • There are topics I feel I am an expert on.
  • I can be self-motivated and work on my own.
  • I am willing to have people come up with their answers rather than telling them what to do.
  • I would rather have a high hourly fee and work less hours than be employed 40 hours and earn less per hour.
  • I like seeing positive results in a short amount of time.
  • Achieving goals is important to me and others I know.
  • Is helping others something you enjoy?
  • Do people seem to come to you when they have a problem?

If so Life Coaching might be the right profession for you.


Here are some signs you would enjoy the field of Life Coaching.


  1. You truly enjoy helping others.

It seems you’ve known for a while you are a helper.  You genuinely enjoy helping other people. People come to a Life Coach when they have some challenges in their life and want to change or improve some area of life. Some examples may be improving their relationships, changing jobs, losing weight, or maintaining greater life balance. Being able to help clients make these changes and impact others in a positive way would be deeply meaningful and rewarding for you.

  1. People always come to you for advice.

People seek you out when they have a problem or need advice.  It’s a role you feel comfortable with. People recognize you as someone who is a helper and someone they can turn to.

  1. You believe helping others is your true life purpose.

You sense that being of service to others might be your true life purpose or at least part of it.  Do you feel called to help others improve their lives?  Does your intuition keep telling you that coaching is the right path for you? It’s worth exploring to determine if Life Coaching resonates with you and is indeed your true life purpose.

  1. You would enjoy having your own business.

You may be tired of working nine to five and following someone else’s instructions on what to do and how to do it.  You’d prefer making decisions on your own and being your own boss.  Imagine how far you would be if you put all the time and energy from your current job into your own business. Where would you be financially and emotionally? Would you be a happier person?

  1. You are willing to learn and make the necessary marketing efforts to get new clients.

Marketing is a skill that some people naturally possess or have learned on a job or on their own. Many people need to learn about marketing and find an approach that works naturally for them. For example, some people like to speak to groups while others enjoy social media or doing free consultations one on one.  As long as you are willing to learn to market yourself, you will be able to find some ways to successfully market your practice.

  1. You enjoy speaking with other people.

Coaching is about connecting with people.  If you enjoy helping others and serving them in some way, time spent with clients will be very satisfying for you.

  1. Flexibility in your schedule would be great to have.

As a Life Coach, you can set your own schedule.  You can work when you want to work. You can work with individuals, groups or develop products or programs in whatever timeline and schedule you prefer.

  1. You can be self-motivated and work on your own.

You will need to take initiative to start your Life Coaching Practice, see clients, maintain your business, and market yourself consistently.  Some people are more motivated and get more done with others telling them what to do.  It’s important that you be totally honest with yourself whether you can be self-motivated and get a business going or not.

  1. You are willing to have people come up with their answers rather than telling them what to do.

If you are used to giving advice and telling people what they should do, you need to know coaching is a different role for you. You will be asking clients to come up with their own answers and empowering them to move forward. It’s ok to give advice or suggestions part of the time, but it is not the primary role of coaching. You may need to adjust but once you do, you’ll find that clients get better results and it can be a very satisfying role for you as you no longer are responsible for solutions but a guide and support system to help the client make progress with their life.

  1. You would rather work less hours at a higher hourly fee than being employed 40 hours and make less per hour.

As a Life Coach, you can make more money in a shorter period of time.  That’s exciting for most people working 9-5.

  1. You like seeing results in a short period of time.

Life Coaching is results-oriented.  The client will commit to action steps and then meet with you the next week to go over the results.  In coaching we see clients follow through and make progress. That’s what coaching is about. It’s fulfilling when you see the work you do produce positive results on a regular basis.

The good thing about being a Life Coach is that clients commit each week to action steps and then the client is held accountable to achieve those results. Another positive aspect is that as you get to look week by week at problems and challenges and coach the client to come up with new creative ideas and possibilities for resolving or changing something that wouldn’t have come to mind otherwise. The positive result is quicker changes, new insights, and inspiration to shift, change or enhance things much more quickly.

Yes, finally the kind of results you were looking for.

  1. Achieving goals is important to you and others you know.

Life Coaching is about setting and achieving goals. The client’s goal could be about changing their career, improving their health, enhancing a current relationship, having more fun etc. If you would enjoy seeing people obtain their goals, then Life Coaching might be a good fit for you.

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