November 17

3 Reasons You Should Diversify Your Coaching Offerings


Many new coaches focus on one offering – typically individual coaching. They may have a few different options for potential clients to choose from – 3 month, 6 month or year long contracts. This is how most coaches intend to spend the majority of their time and make their profit, but sometimes potential clients need to take smaller steps to build up to the commitment of an individual coaching package. Here are 3 reasons you should diversify your offerings and create smaller options for your coaching business.

  1. Build Trust and Rapport
    As you know, there are many coaches out there to choose from. Reading about you on your website or social media or even having an intro session with you might not give some people enough time to get to know you enough to take the big leap into individual coaching with you.  Having smaller offerings such as group coaching, workshops, challenges, webinars, speeches, online programs, etc. will allow them the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level, see how much they can grow and improve with your help and give you the chance to seperate yourself from other coaches.
  2. Create Community
    When people work with you, they will want the chance to work with you even more! Not only are other offerings a great way to funnel into individual coaching, but your individual coaching clients are likely to take part in any other opportunities you have once they see how great it is to work with you.  By having other offerings, specifically in group settings, you are bringing together like-minded people to build momentum and create change. This can be a powerful way to create that shift people are looking for to a wider audience with the added benefit of your clients building deep relationships with each other. Growth is challenging and vulnerable and that’s where real connections live. Offering this place for people to connect is yet another way you can serve, and after those friendships are made… they will keep coming back for your offerings together.
  3. Help Prepare People for the Bigger Change
    As coaches, we know some people are ready for the big life transformations individual coaching offers and others aren’t quite ready to open themselves up to that change yet. There’s nothing wrong with that, they just aren’t ready. If we are only offering individual coaching packages, we are missing out on serving this audience.  These are the people that will funnel into individual coaching when their time comes, so it’s important for you to maintain that connection with them. More importantly, it’s essential for you to support them during this time as they’re taking smaller steps toward bigger change.
    Something inside called them to be curious about the change, they have that desire, they just need to be guided through all that is getting in the way of their readiness – and that’s where you come in.

Individual coaching is powerful and essential, but don’t limit yourself to only doing what you’re familiar with. Creating other offerings is not only a great way to consistently build your business, but it creates additional avenues to serve others.

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