July 22

4 Steps for Getting the Clients You Want


Do you struggle with finding the right clients? Getting your ideal clients can be harder than it looks. However, it can be done with a little planning and hard work. 

How to Land the Right Clients for Your Coaching Business 

It is not uncommon for coaches to get clients who just aren’t the right fit. Especially when you are starting out, there is the tendency to sign on anyone who wants your services. But soon you realize that this is doing both you and the client a disservice. 

As a coach, you want to get results for people, and many times this means you are working with an ideal client type. Maybe you love helping new business owners or women in the midst of a relationship change; perhaps you specialize in working with people to achieve their health goals. No matter what niche you work in, there will be clients who fit the mold of who you can and want to work with. 

Why aren’t some clients a fit for your coaching business? 

  • They want results in an area that you don’t specialize in. 
  • They need help in areas that don’t interest you. 
  • They don’t want to work for their results. 
  • They aren’t coachable. 
  • They aren’t dedicated to the coaching process. 
  • They can’t afford your services. 

If you want to make sure that your client list is full of your ideal clients, consider the following 4 steps, no matter where you are in your coaching career. 

Identify your ideal client. 

Have you heard of the concept of the customer avatar? Simply put, it is a detailed description of your ideal client. It focuses on one specific person and describes everything about them – from their habits and family life to their struggles and greatest desires. A customer avatar is a useful marketing tool that helps coaches and other business owners pinpoint exactly who they want to work with, helping them find those clients and create the best products, services and marketing techniques for them. It is a valuable tool in matching your “dream” client with your interests, skills and coaching niche. 

Find out where your ideal client spends time. 

Now that you understand who you want to coach, it’s time to find them! Your avatar will help you find your clients, including what lectures, workshops and mastermind groups they might attend to social activities they might participate in. Do your research to identify events that your perfect client would attend and go to them. This step will help you further understand your client and allow you to engage with them in a place where they feel comfortable.  

Start a conversation to develop understanding. 

Finding your ideal client is only half the “battle.” Now, you need to take the understanding that you’ve developed and create a way to talk to your ideal client that will resonate and encourage them to take some kind of action. The goal is to avoid being “salesy” – no one likes the feeling of being sold to because it can feel inauthentic and ingenuine. Instead, take your knowledge of your client’s biggest obstacles and dreams and start a conversation. You should aim to achieve trust and build curiosity in your ability to help them achieve their goals. 

Demonstrate how you can get them results. 

The final step in landing the right client for your coaching business is to  demonstrate how you can help them get the results they want. Many coaches choose to do this by offering free consultations that provide tangible results and action steps at the end. While this is an effective method, it does not always have to be so formal. In fact, it can often be achieved while having the conversation as described above. This step is key to further securing their trust in you as a professional who can help them overcome their obstacles. 

Getting the right clients is a bit of an art and a science. It takes strategy and plenty of practice. However, it is work that is well worth the effort. When you work with your ideal clients, you create more joy and satisfaction in your day and get better results for the people you serve. 

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