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How to Make the Most Out of Summer 2020


Are you in need of a vacation this summer? More than in years past, people are feeling the itch to get out of their homes and away from the stresses of daily life. With the pandemic, lockdowns, mask orders and travel restrictions that we are facing so far this year, it is no wonder that people are desperate for a break. 

Families and adventure seekers across the world have had to face the disappointment that comes with cancelling their epic trips, honeymoons and European adventures this summer. But that doesn’t mean that Summer 2020 is a bust. In fact, there are still plenty of options for exploring, recharging and making the most out of the season. 

Tips for Making the Most Out of Summer 2020

With a little creativity and flexibility, you can have a summer to remember. But with all these restrictions, how can you make the most out of the summer while still staying safe? Check out these tips to help you feed your wanderlust and keep your family (and yourself) entertained, no matter what is going on in the world. Then, read on for a list of 20 ideas for your Summer 2020 Bucket List. 

Tip #1: Be a Tourist in Your Own City  

You might think you know your own city, but we bet there is still plenty that you haven’t explored. While many popular attractions may be closed or restricted, consider exploring some lesser known spots or discovering your city from a different angle. Do a walking or bike tour to discover new neighborhoods. Do a scavenger hunt for the best local street art, the most unique home or whatever else strikes your fancy. 

Tip #2: Stay Home 

Sure, many of us are feeling a bit stir crazy lately, but don’t count out the stay-at-home option. We tend to get into a routine and forget to see our homes in new and different ways. Your yard can be an outdoor cinema, obstacle course or campground. Plant a garden and cook delicious meals with your bounty. Have a space in your home that just doesn’t feel inviting or useful? Make this a time to take on the project and make it a treasured part of your home. 

Tip #3: Get Active 

It goes without saying that being active is key to staying balanced, healthy and sane during this pandemic. Just because the gym is closed, it does not mean that you have to forgo your typical workout regimen. Use this time to get creative, using items around the house to make a home gym. There are plenty of apps available that offer workouts ranging from yoga and pilates to running and high intensity interval training. Use the nicer weather to get outside! 

Tip #4: Stay Safe

Most of all, it is critical to keep your local and national safety measures in mind. If you do choose to travel outside of your home area, bring the necessary personal protective equipment to keep yourself safe and research the local regulations. Road trips are more popular now than ever before, since people have more control over their interactions than they might when traveling by air. Whatever you choose, be smart to protect yourself and others. 

Summer 2020 Bucket List Ideas 

Still not sure where to get started? Hopefully, these ideas help spark your creative juices and help you achieve an epic summer, pandemic and all!

  1. Go camping or setup camp in your backyard.
  2. Take a driving tour through a new part of town. 
  3. Make a day trip to the country, mountains or beach. 
  4. Learn how to make ice cream, the best sweet tea or other delicious summertime treats. 
  5. Go to the drive-in movie theater.
  6. Start or improve your backyard garden. 
  7. Become a grill master and host a small at-home dinner party with your family. 
  8. Go paddle boarding, kayaking or fishing. 
  9. Watch the sunset or sunrise as often as you can. 
  10. Learn about wine.
  11. Go on a hike and enjoy the outdoors. 
  12. Do a virtual workout class. 
  13. Take a digital detox at least once a week. 
  14. Take a daily walk in your neighborhood without music or podcasts to distract you. 
  15. Get crafty using items found in nature. 
  16. Learn a language for that trip you’ll take in the (near) future. 
  17. Educate yourself on the constellations and star gaze. 
  18. Enjoy the weather! Sunbathe, loll in a hammock or read in a comfy chair outside. 
  19. Be a kid – play board games, frisbee, tag or make friendship bracelets!
  20. Kick off your shoes and walk in some sand or grass to connect to nature. 

Will you try any of these Summer 2020 bucket list ideas? Do you have others to add to the list? Share with us in the comments below. 

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