October 12

4 Ways to Enroll More Life Coaching Clients

If you are just starting out in your life coaching career, you are likely excited and a little overwhelmed. Not only will you have to continue to develop your coaching skills through client work and study, but you will also have to run your own business and market yourself to attract new clients. At Life Purpose Institute we provide our graduates with a “business in a box” that is chock-full of marketing materials, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and other helpful resources to help you get your business off the ground.

One of the first questions we get from new life coaches during our program is “How do I attract my first clients?” In our certification programs, our staff will provide you with in-depth support and resources so you leave with a complete marketing strategy to be able to hit the ground running. Here are just a few of the strategies new life coaches can use to attract their first clients that you will learn in our programs.

4 Ways to Get Your First Life Coaching Clients


  1. Establish a Niche
    One of the best ways to focus your life coaching practice and attract the right clients is to hone in on a coaching niche. You can choose one based on your personal and professional experience, your passions or the kinds of people who you want to work with. Once you understand the kind of coaching that speaks to you, you can craft targeted marketing messages that appeal to that group.
  2. Offer Help Before Getting Paid
    Sometimes the best way to get new business is to give business away. Offer free resources, sessions, speaking engagements or other value to your target market free of charge. Your ideal life coaching clients will see firsthand the value that you can offer and make them more likely to start a longer-term coaching relationship with you. Free webinars, e-books or mini coaching sessions can be a great way to attract those who are looking for your services but might need to see the value you offer directly.
  3. Ask the Right Questions
    Learning how to ask the right questions in your initial consultation can make a huge impact on your ability to close a new coaching client. The questions you ask should engage them in the process of getting more clarity on where they want to be, and where they are right now. If you can avoid selling your life coaching services and focus instead on helping them see a new vision for their lives, you are more likely to have them as a new client.
  4. Get in Front of the Right Clients
    Once you determine your niche and have identified your ideal customer, you need to figure out where those people hang out. Nowadays there are plenty of places online that you can connect with and create relationships with potential life coaching clients. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to find groups and individuals that are in your customer demographic.


We understand that you don’t necessarily get into the life coaching business to be an entrepreneur; although, many do. The program at Life Purpose Institute is tailored to help you learn the skills you need to create your own unique marketing strategy that is natural for you. And that is the key to marketing a coaching business: it has to feel natural!

If you have questions about how to effectively market your life coaching business, you might be interested in joining one of our upcoming Free Live Coaching classes.

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