April 28

4 Ways to Motivate People


If you are a part of any leadership team at work, a family, a sports club or have ever been a member of any kind of group, you understand the importance of motivation. When other people lack it, it can be extremely frustrating and bring down the rest of the group. But when group members possess motivation, it’s amazing what can be accomplished! 

No matter if we’re talking about an employee who procrastinates or a child who doesn’t want to complete his chores, our ability to motivate other people can have a profound impact on our lives. It can make projects flow smoothly and your home run like a well-oiled machine. 

Motivation can not only make you and others more productive, it can actually increase feelings of well-being and satisfaction. If done properly, you can cultivate a sense of internal motivation in others that will make them take ownership of their role and actually want to do the work.  

The ability to motivate other people is not necessarily an innate trait that only a few select leaders possess. We all have the ability to learn the skills to properly and effectively motivate and inspire the people around us. It simply takes a little effort on your part to put into practice some of the tips below. 

4 Ways to Motivate People 

Practice what you preach. 

If you want an employee to show up on time and ready to work, yet you come into the office just in time for lunch, what message are you sending? When you want your spouse to clean up after themselves, yet you leave your dishes all over the house, what example are you setting? 

In order to motivate people, you have to set the right example. If you aren’t inspired, how can you inspire other people? Practice the values that you want to see in others. Show up on time. Demonstrate your enthusiasm. Be authentic. By letting your passions, values and inner motivation guide you, you will naturally spark that same thing in other people.  

Get good at asking questions. 

Asking questions is the quickest way to get down to the heart of an issue. If you are struggling to motivate someone, talk to them! Ask them questions that spur them to open up. Questions done right have the ability to create connection. At the center of motivation is connection. 

By asking the right questions, you can get to know what really makes someone tick. You’ll understand what inspires them, what lights them up. With this knowledge, you can identify the proper way to motivate them. 

Get even better at listening. 

While asking questions is an important piece of the motivation puzzle, an even greater piece is listening. Talking at someone, or trying to convince them of something does not create motivation. Instead, listen to what they are saying and be open to their perspective. 

Most real motivation has to come from within. By taking the time to figure out where the other person is coming from, you will be more effective at determining how to inspire them.

Offer the right kind of support. 

Asking the right questions and actively listening are great initial steps. However, they will rarely get the job done. Motivating others means that you will continue to be there to offer the support they need to keep moving forward. Sometimes it means that you must provide them the resources they need, both physical and emotional. By reminding them that you are available and that you want to assist, you are helping them to build confidence and intrinsic motivation. 

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