January 11

5 Categories to Optimize and Improve

5 Categories to Optimize and Improve This New Year

The new year is a great time to reflect and redirect. As business owners, we are wearing many different hats – coach, office manager, marketer, business development manager, on and on. It can be challenging to manage all of these different areas and be moving forward how we need to run an optimal and professional coaching business.

We invite you to use this time of reflection to revisit the below 5 categories of your business to touch base and see what (if anything) needs to be updated, changed and improved.


As you know, technology is ever-evolving. If you’re like a lot of coaches, you may have created your website when you first started your business, put in the work to have everything just the way you wanted it and haven’t revisited it since. Set aside some time to comb through your website to see what needs some revamping. As coaches, our practice evolves constantly. Does your website reflect your current practice? Does your website look up-to-date or does a website redesign need to be added to your 2022 to-do list? Your online presence has never been more important, so take some time to prioritize the professional presence of your site.

Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re new to the marketing world or know the most advanced methods, this time of year is a great time to stop and assess what is and isn’t working in your marketing strategy. At LPI, we are big supporters of finding your winning marketing strategy – what works for one coach may not work for the next. Finding your own way of reaching and connecting with your audience is so important, and being able to do that means collecting the information and data to know what’s working best.

Use your website analytics, social media insights, email data, etc to evaluate what was most compelling to your audience and what provided the most conversions for your business. This could be an offer, program, lesson, etc. Use this information to continue to serve your audience what they connected with most, which will in return help you grow your business in 2022.

Networking Efforts

As coaches, we know connecting with others is everything. Having those face-to-face or Zoom-to-Zoom interactions gives people the chance to know us, learn more about what we do and build a relationship with us that could turn into a potential client, referral or collaboration. If you’ve been making the effort to get in front of people, now is a good time to assess if the networking you’re putting your energy into is providing the right types of connections and results you intended. Just because you’ve been part of your local BNI for 5 years and everyone knows you, doesn’t mean you need to continue going if it’s not the best allocation of your time and resources. Try new options and don’t feel tied down to any specific group that isn’t moving your business forward.


Continuing to improve ourselves not only directly impacts our clients and their growth, but it also provides us with the confidence and insights to continue growing our practice and serve more people. Now is a great time to ask yourself what you plan to do to continue evolving in the new year – whether it’s your coaching skills, personal or professional growth, education is an essential part of being an exceptional coach and entrepreneur.


Lastly, no matter what your coaching practice looks like, having the right support only makes things better. What did your support system look like this past year? Do you have the right amount and right type of support to push you to grow and evolve as a coach? What areas do you need to improve and how can you get support in those areas? Perhaps it’s taking the next level of coaching certification, joining a mastermind, getting together with other LPI alumni or meeting with your local entrepreneur accountability group. Having the support you need is an essential part of growing personally, professionally and being able to show up best for your clients.

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Optimize and Improve

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