March 7

Stop Stalling, Start Serving

Are you new to coaching? Or trying to find direction with building your coaching business?  The biggest hindrance to coaches growing their practice in the way they envision is by focusing on “safe” actions that don’t move the needle forward. Let’s talk about some of the common ones and some needle-moving actions you can focus on instead.

Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool for building connections and increasing your like, know and trust factor. Creating this visibility is so valuable in building a solid reputation for potential clients as well as bringing together your growth-oriented community.

Here’s the question to ask yourself though – are you hiding behind the screen? Is it easier to focus all your energy on posting rather than putting yourself out there? Some of you will identify and others won’t, but this is all about getting real with where you can redirect your actions to focus on serving in the most impactful way possible.

Admin Work

Obviously admin work has to be a part of what we do – organizing, notes, CRMs, calendars, planning, systems, etc. But if you’re spending more time planning than taking action, it might be time to address just how much time needs to be spent in this area. Many new coaches spend all their energy on making their website, business cards and other marketing materials perfect instead of focusing on the most important action – getting into coaching conversations.

Networking Events

Just as with social media, networking groups such as BNI, Toastmasters, etc are a great way to build your reputation and connections, but some coaches can fall into the trap of filling their calendar with these events without pausing to see how these things actually impact their business. The marketing efforts we spend our energy on should be filling our calendars with serving through coaching conversations – are your network building activities resulting in what’s important?

If you’re focusing all your energy into a strategy that doesn’t seem to be working, it might be time to ask yourself what the bold choice would be for you? Are you playing it safe? Do you know what to do or who to connect with, but you’re just scared of getting out of your comfort zone?

Coaching is about serving. When we make it about us or worry about what people will think about us if we offer a complimentary session, talk about our business, give a speech, host an event, etc…. we are making it about us.

Start your business building practices from your heart – from the place that lead you to being a coach in the first place. What are you passionate about? What fires you up? Who do you want to serve?

Put your ego to the side and focus on that space – what actions come from this place of serving? What is it that would really make an impact? Don’t let your self doubt keep you from living out your own life purpose and helping people live the fulfilling life you want for them.

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