December 14

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4 Reflection Questions to Help You Improve Your Coaching Practice in 2022

While many of us tend to focus on how our clients and audience can benefit from the milestone of a new year, as coaches, we should also be using this time to reflect on the past year of our businesses. 

How can we learn and grow from the past so we can continue reaching new levels in our businesses? If we continue just going day by day and not making intentional movement in the direction we desire, we will continue as we are. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Use this time to get honest with yourself on what went well, what could be improved, your areas of opportunity for growth and any wasted time, energy or efforts. Get clear on these pieces by digging into the four following reflection questions.

What business efforts paid off most?

It can be easy to get swept away by the many different business building options we have as entrepreneurs. Networking events, hosting workshops or webinars, social media marketing, email marketing, referral building programs, online courses, etc. We can continue doing these things blindly over and over again just because it’s what we have been told we “should” be doing as business owners… but is it actually paying off?

Perhaps you’ve gone to 30 networking events the past year – how much of that time translated into valuable connections or clients? Or maybe you’ve been giving speeches to a local group for years now but have you ever sat down to ask yourself if it’s really paid off?

Take some time to write down as many business efforts you’ve made in 2021 as you can think of. Determine what measurements you find valuable – paying clients, connections, followers, revenue, etc. and start pairing the effort with the measurement/payoff. 

Note that some business development will be for the sole purpose of building your brand and brand exposure and will not be as easily measured. Completing this practice doesn’t mean you need to cut those pieces that didn’t provide a tangible payoff out, it’s just more information for you to determine where you would like to pour your energy into in the new year.

Where did you waste time and energy? What would you like to cut out in the coming year?

Once you’ve completed the above step, you should have more awareness of some things you’re doing that aren’t serving you and your business as much as you had thought. With this awareness, you can start creating more time in your schedule for the things that are working well. 

If you’re unsure about these “non-payoff” tasks providing underlying benefits for the growth of your business, ask yourself the following questions:

Does it align with my purpose and business mission?

Does it drain me or energize me?

Could this time be better utilized elsewhere?

After answering those questions, you should have some clear insight to determine if this is something you want to continue putting time and energy into in the new year.

Where did I “fail” and what did I learn?

We all know “failures” aren’t failures but really just opportunities to learn and improve – which is essential to recognize and evaluate when running your own business. Take some time to reflect on any shortcomings you feel like you had throughout the year. What did you learn? How will you apply these learnings moving forward and/or how have you done so already?

What do you want to do differently in 2022?

We hope you set some business goals and projections as you head into the new year, but also spend some time thinking about what’s underneath these measurable goals. How do you want to show up for your clients? How can you get out of your own way? What support do you need to get to the next level? As we shared in the beginning…. Nothing changes if nothing changes, so what do you need to change to achieve your goals and continue growing your coaching business in the way you envision.

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Improve Your Coaching Practice

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