July 17

A Simple Mindset Shift Exercise for Life Coaches

As a life coach, you will have the opportunity to work with many people who desire change in one or more areas of their lives. You will help clients identify their goals, create plans to reach their goals, and take action on their goals to make the change that they want. Although there are many reasons clients may feel stuck in specific areas of their lives, often it is the mindset that they hold about themselves that causes the stagnation of their progress.

The mindset in which we approach our life, work, and relationships can dramatically affect the results that we achieve.

So much of what we believe to be true is based on our perceptions. These perceptions are solely due to our past experiences, opinions, and judgments. They are not based on facts. However, we often hold our perceptions to be more accurate than the facts. This belief inhibits our ability to learn new skills, make a change, or get unstuck in different areas of our lives.

All of us could benefit from a mindset shift when it comes to the areas we are feeling unable to move forward in the way we want. In your life coaching practice, you will learn many useful techniques to help your clients shift the way they think about themselves to make positive changes in all areas of their lives.

As a coach, you have the opportunity to help your clients write a new story for their lives. You do this by assisting them to take action on the goals they work to create. A practical method for writing a new story is by beginning to deconstruct the old story that they tell themselves.

[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h4″ class=”mtn”]Use the questions below to begin the process of breaking down the old story to help make space for the new one your client wants to create for themselves.

What are the significant negative opinions you have about yourself?
We all have stories or ideas about ourselves that we invent based on past experiences or judgments. For example, you may decide that you are shy because someone told you that you were too shy as a child. Now as an adult, you think you are too reserved to go for a sales job or find a romantic relationship. Ask clients to write down the primary negative opinions they hold about themselves.

How did these negative opinions begin? Where did they come from?
Ask clients to pinpoint the exact scenario in which these negative opinions began. They should use as much detail as possible to describe the situation and the people involved.

How long have you had these negative opinions about yourself?
Many of the negative thoughts and judgments we hold about ourselves started when we were very young. They have had a strong presence in our lives, making them more difficult to let go of. Ask clients to recognize the length of time they have been holding on to these negative self-beliefs.

What are the facts that support these negative opinions?
Many of the negative opinions we have about ourselves are just that – opinions. They are not based on reality or facts. Ask your clients to list the facts that support the negative view. Remind them that a fact is something that is always true and measurable.

How would your life be different if you didn’t believe these negative opinions?
Ask clients to imagine that they could release these negative opinions. Have them list how their lives would change or improve to get them closer to their goals. In the example above, that client could imagine that she was outgoing and confident at work and in relationships. As a result of that mindset shift, she could imagine that she excelled in a client-facing sales position or that she confidently asked a love interest for a date.

What are some things you could do to improve these negative opinions?
Ask clients to brainstorm ideas of things they could learn, do, or plan to help them escape the negative self opinion. The client mentioned above could join a hiking club or read books about self-expression or sales positions. This question will get the client thinking about ways he or she can reverse the negative opinion of themselves.

What is one thing you can do right now to change a negative opinion about yourself?
The best way to start making a mindset shift is to begin right away. Ask clients to identify one small, specific thing they can do today to help them change the negative opinions of self that they hold. Make sure they are relatively simple to accomplish.

Life coaching gives practitioners the opportunity to help people shift their mindsets about themselves and make a significant and lasting change in their lives. If this kind of work appeals to you, learn more about the Life Coaching programs available through Life Purpose Institute. Our programs are known for being the most personal coaching programs available today. The coaches that complete our training programs become competent and successful life coaches, fully supported by our team throughout the process.

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