December 22

Alumni Spotlight – Pamela Savino


In 2018, I was at a point in life where I was contemplating a new direction. I spent my 20s in Corporate America as a retirement benefit consulting actuary helping Fortune 100 clients design and manage their pension plans and my 30s as a full-time mom for my four children.

Two very profound events in my life – a loss of a baby and my divorce, each served as catalysts for my spiritual growth and transformation and prompted me to start contemplating deeper meaning and purpose in my life.  Nothing strips you to your core quite like an unexpected loss, of any kind, so I found myself revisiting every belief I’ve ever known, and embarked on the not-so-small task of rebuilding my belief system from the ground up.

I immersed myself into spirituality, embraced a growth-based mindset, and committed myself to transformation.  I realized that challenging as they may be, all of my life experiences are happening for me, not to me, and maybe just maybe, they are playing a role in ushering me to my life purpose.

As I walked along this path, with an open mind and open heart, asking the Universe to lead me where I’m supposed to go, I came across the Life Purpose Institute.  Everything about it felt in alignment with who I was and the direction in which I wanted to take my future, so in the summer of 2018 I got my Life Coach certification.

I can sum up what’s been happening since in one word:  Fireworks.  It’s been nothing short of explosive, and what do I attribute this to?  The universe.  I asked, and it answered.  When we take a leap of faith and step into our authentic reality, and couple that with a commitment to moving humanity forward, the universe conspires with us, and there is an ease and an organicness to life.  It can happen no other way.

I founded my life coaching business, Live Authentically, which gives me the international platform and presence from which to share my message on a global basis.  I do individual coaching, group coaching and public speaking as part of my practice.

In early 2020, I published my debut book SOAR, which helps readers of all demographics, not just people going through divorces, step into their authentic reality, partner with the Universe, and claim their personal power.  SOAR is raw and real, meets readers where they are, and ushers them to a place of peace and empowerment, as they learn to navigate their new reality with a new perspective and revolutionary approach.

In addition to my book, I am the host of the Live Authentically Podcast, whose guests include other people who are also committed to playing a role in raising collective consciousness and helping people discover the essence of who they are.  I am also an advocate for plant-based eating and partner with others to spread the plant-based message internationally.

I believe that spirituality is a much-needed element in Corporate America.  My team and I help global, open-minded C-suite executives who understand that spirituality is an essential part of business success, to curate a corporate culture that embodies the energy of service, connection, and growth, personally and professionally, so that they enjoy the benefits of heightened employee morale, bolstered retention, enhanced productivity, and ultimately, a more profitable bottom line.

I attribute my success to date to many factors, but there is one very important element that I believe plays a huge role:  I embody the energy of service.  I don’t describe what I do as work, it’s service.  It is an honor and a privilege that I get to show up and serve every day, and this mindset allows me to pursue my spiritual calling with a fervor I’ve not experienced before.  It’s like a force field.  What I do truly sets my soul on fire, and I am grateful to have discovered that my purpose here on Earth is to serve.

The most powerful piece of advice I have for other life coaches to grow their practice is:  get out there!  On social media.  In person.  On video.  In blogs.  In personal messages.  Reach out and connect with others, meaningfully and frequently.  You can be the best coach in the world, but you’ll only be able to make an impact if people know you’re there and know how you can help them.  Share your knowledge.  Build trust.  Write from your heart.  Speak from your soul.  Invest in relationships, and the rest will fall into place.

My wish for everyone in this world is that we all live deeply fulfilling and authentic lives. Achieving this goal often requires radical change, and my promise to humanity is to embody, embrace and model this change to inspire others to find their own voice and leave this world a better place than we found it.

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